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Introducing the Free Jenkins CI/CD Tool that Saves Time, Money

Introducing the Free Jenkins CI/CD Tool that Saves Time, Money

Serious about CI / CD and DevOps? Enterprises that are will be aware of how powerful Jenkins software is for helping software teams automate the development lifecycle. Here at Apexon, we know a thing or two about the CloudBees Jenkins platform and Open Source Jenkins. In fact, as a CloudBees Global Platinum Services and Reseller Partner, we have unparalleled global expertise in these tools. We are among Jenkins’ biggest fans and we are delighted to reveal that using Jenkins to accelerate DevOps just got even better. Today Apexon launched a free Jenkins plugin that auto-converts freestyle Jenkins jobs to coded DevOps pipeline.

That’s right – this cool open source tool auto-converts around 90 percent of freestyle Jenkins jobs while auto-generating coded pipeline scripts, as well as assuring adherence to proper coding standards and manageability of the pipeline. That means huge time and resource savings for teams coding DevOps pipelines and migrating to Jenkins 2.0.

Beat the backlog

Organizations that are using Jenkins 1.0 to orchestrate application releases are facing a time-intensive task of doing manual conversions and migrations to get those jobs into DevOps pipelines. All those jobs can pile up.

When migrating to Jenkins 2.0, converting freestyle jobs requires the DevOps team to drill down on each one of those hundreds or thousands of jobs to understand tools, configurations, URLs, parameters and more before rewriting them in pipeline syntax. This doesn’t just take a lot of time and effort, it’s also highly error-prone and requires a good deal of specialist knowledge to get those pipelines right.

This is where the Apexon plugin comes to the rescue. It auto-generates script to convert freestyle Jenkins jobs to coded pipeline, assures best practice in coding standards and separates complex business logic and standards declaration from execution flow. The plugin works on 90 percent of freestyle Jenkins jobs, with the remaining jobs having different dependencies and requiring some level of customization.

If that were not enough, here are three ways to further turbo-charge your DevOps pipeline:

1. Customize to increase coverage: organizations can further customize the plugin for cases where freestyle Jenkins jobs have additional dependencies.

2. Black belt pipeline skills: boost the team’s pipeline-as-code skills to further accelerate Jenkins migration. We’ve helped organizations dramatically reduce support issues with specialist Jenkins training.

3. Assure pipeline performance: once the jobs are in the pipeline, organizations should turn their attention to testing and QA to ensure the pipeline’s working as it should.

Try it out today

Download the FREE plugin today to immediately boost your organization’s DevOps initiatives. To discuss how to get even more out of the plugin, talk to Apexon about our expert services that can reduce the manual efforts of DevOps engineers by as much as 60 percent and reduce application maintenance costs by 40 percent.

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