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Kids Can Change the World Through Data

Kids Can Change the World Through Data

In 2016, fourteen – year – old, self-taught coding whiz, Krish Samtani, had the fortunate opportunity to travel to the United States for a summer coding camp at Johns Hopkins University. Samtani wanted to learn the practical application of coding and was pleasantly surprised at how accessible technology was in the United States. Upon returning to India, he realized that he would have to fly across the world again just to be able to further his coding education at the university. More importantly, the majority of children in India simply do not have access to this exclusive opportunity. 

Inspired by his time at Johns Hopkins, Krish vowed to create free summer coding camps, which would welcome children from all different backgrounds. His first task was to find a technology company that would be willing to partner with him on such an endeavor. Krish approached Apexon’s Bangalore office with his proposal; impressed by Krish’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic character, Apexon was quick to agree to the partnership and to support the cause.

When did 0Gravity launch?

Apexon launched this initiative on 21st January 2017 in India and shortly after in the United Kingdom and United States as well. Krish chose the name “0Gravity” because he believes that there should be “no limits” when it comes to children learning. Since then, India has hosted multiple groups globally and our experiences with these children have been truly enriching! On the 16th of November 2019, Apexon 0Gravity successfully launched sessions across the Bengaluru and Chennai offices. They have 22 children in Bengaluru and 25 children in Chennai from “Rainbow Home”, a non-profit organization where some children are orphans or have single parents. This home caters to over 500 children who reside in government schools. Apexon plans to host multiple children in the future to engage and educate them early on in their lives. Apexon wants them to not only develop a strong grasp of computer and coding fundamentals, but also view this life skill as exciting and achievable. 

Sessions have been continuously held through every Saturday at Apexon’s Bengaluru and Chennai offices. The volunteers are enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue to teach, mentor and simply spend time with the children in 2020. We want to thank all Apexon employees who have volunteered for 0Gravity in an effort to help children significantly for a better tomorrow. 

Notable Mentions: Ajeet  Gupta, Alankrit Kumar, Amar Junaid, Anantha Basavaiah, Arun Beeresh, Ayush Sharma, Dhineshkumar Ramalingam, Dineshkumar Loganathan, Elanchezian Ravichandran, Farzana Azmee, Ganapathy Namasivayam, Hanumantha Reddy, Janaki Ram, John Raj, Karthi Gnanam, Mahesh Subbaiah, Manish Kushwah, Manoj Praharaju, Mansoora Raphy, Mo Mohsin, Monica Rajput, Naveen Sangilirajan, Nigesh Jeyabal, Piyush Pandey, Poornima BS, Prasant Dwivedi, Prema Martyn, Prithiviraj Ramalingam, Priyanka Lakshmanaperumal, Rajkumar Sekar, Rhea Raj, Sandra Patta, Santosh Sharma, Saravanakumar Rajavel, Saravanan Chandran, Saravanan Yuvaraj, Shambhavi Arali, Sharath Dayanandam, Shiva Sundar, Shivasaikrishna  Thota, Smita Sadanandan, Suryakant Singh, Swarna Jawahar, Varsha Chandrasekar, Varun Rao, Vasudha Kulkarni, Vinod Chitrada, Vinodharajan Kanagarajan, Vishwa Siddalingappa, Yash Mundra.

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