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Redefining Travel: Thinking Beyond Mobility

There is no secret that the smartphones have changed the travel industry. People rely more on mobile technology to find and book travel reservations. However, mobile travel is becoming more than just buying tickets and checking reservations. It’s about airline alerts, weather, air traffic updates, entertainment, maps and much more.

So what is true mobility in travel? It’s a combination of all these apps coming together to deliver true mobility that can transform the travel experience. It’s the convergence of social, big data, analytics and cloud that creates a universe of new possibilities for enterprises and travelers.

Imagine you’re all set to leave for the airport for your vacation and you get a text message from the airline alerting you that your flight will be delayed. And the very next moment, it automatically rebooks you on the next available flight. You then get an alert that your hotel was notified about your new arrival time. This is the power of true mobility! This is just an example of the possibilities.

As mobile continues to become increasingly omnipresent in our everyday life, providing innovative ways to improve and enhance the customer experience is becoming even more essential to remain competitive in the travel industry.

Apexon has designed and developed B2C, B2B and B2E mobile solutions for travel for easy travel planning and highly personalized experience. The complete customizable framework offers easy deployment of mobile apps and solutions for the entire travel ecosystem. Apexon is working to improve wide variety of travel experiences that delivers highly differentiated customer experience while improving operational efficiency.

According to Expedia, more than 65% of people book hotel rooms within 24 hours of checking in through a mobile device and more than 15% of travelers book flight within 24 hours via mobile. These stats make it very clear that mobile is the platform of the future. And, providing innovative mobile solutions is the only way to get a competitive edge.

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