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Thinking Beyond “Brick and Mortar” – Retail Mobility Solutions

Retail has evolved beyond brick and mortar. There has been, what I call, a tectonic shift in consumer behavior, thanks to smartphones and tablets. With this continuous skyrocketing popularity of mobile devices, the need to create relevance for customers is becoming more and more important. Through various implementations, Apexon solutions (built on Kony platform) are solving some of the retailers’ biggest pain points:

Keeping people in stores

The biggest challenge for retailers is to find ways to entice savvy shoppers to stay longer without feeling they’ve wasted their time. Apexon’s mobile retail solutions help retailers to create a seamless and profitable multi-channel retail experience. With these solutions, shoppers can create personalized shopping lists or shopping cart on their phone and access it when shopping. They can also find products easily through in-store voice guided navigation. In addition, shoppers can access location based services that provide targeted recommendations and personalized marketing messages as they move around the store.

Customer Service

Retailers’ biggest nightmare is a shopper who wants to buy but can’t find a sales associate to help. Apexon solutions can enable shoppers to access additional information on products to help consumers make purchasing choice on their mobile phones – enabling self – service at a point of choice.  Consumers can be confident that the product that they buy is the best one for them at the best price.

Customer Time

Patience is a virtue of the past. I don’t know about you, but if I had to stand in a line at the register or for and answer to a question, I would walk away instead of making a purchase. With Apexon solutions retailers can succeed in this hyper-competitive environment by providing a new level of service that not only impress customers but win brand loyalty. The self-scanning and self-checkout solution enables customers to scan products on their phone and check out without assistance.

Showrooming – Catching customers on their way out

Discount! Deal! Promotion! Offer! Is music to everybody’s ears! Shoppers love coupons. I would shop at a store if I could find a 20% off coupon. To deal with showrooming shoppers, Apexon has created solutions for retailers that enable them to send promotions and advertisements directly to customers’ mobile phones, thereby engaging and influencing them to make real time purchases on-the-go. It also lets retailers deliver electronic loyalty programs, providing customers with real value — and convenience.

Mobile Ecommerce

Smartphones and tablets have become the in-house device of choice. People use these devices to do more and more things – shopping is one of them. One of the biggest challenges for retailers is to make themselves visible to mobile buyers. Apexon solution extends retailers digital marketing and e-commerce initiatives to the mobile channel enabling retailers to get deeper insight into buyers’ preferences and make their purchases as hassle free as possible.

The shift in the consumer behavior with the proliferation of mobile devices has put increasing pressure on retailers to step up their game in a big way. Apexon’s retail solutions can provide retailers with the opportunity to make their mobile journey a success.



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