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Super Bowl 2014: Time to Leverage Big Data

With Super Bowl around the corner, companies are all set to kick-off their million dollar commercial to get attention during the event. But sadly, these commercials do nothing to boost sales. These ads tend to focus more on creativity and less on the brand and fail to establish a connection between the brand and its consumer.

So how can companies capture the Super Bowl opportunity if you may ask? The whole idea is to try to build a one-to-one relationship with consumers. So while ads get you talked about, one-to-one marketing can close the deal and make revenue. Big Data can make this happen!

Companies can use Big Data technologies to collect information from their websites, social media pages as well as offline consumer data to more precisely tailor messages to their audiences. How would it be if a consumer while watching Super Bowl tweets “he is thirsty” and the next ad he sees is of Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Bud Light.

Companies should realize that advertising is no more a “one and done” impression. It is about linking long running actions over time and experiencing it in multi channels. For instance, the Super Bowl game can be long and boring for some viewers. If a commercial could unfold over the course of the game requiring viewers to stay tuned to the entire event not only on television, but also engaging with the advertisers in real-time on social media, in order to receive a discount or gift can be a great way to make a one-to-one relationship with consumers.

The opportunities to target, based on Big Data analytics, are  endless. The Super Bowl is an opportunity for companies to use Big Data technologies to learn more about their customers and use that information to engage them for the rest of the year. The bottom line is that the Super Bowls is no longer just about big ads. It’s about leveraging Big Data.

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