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Three Benefits of Technical Excellence

Three Benefits of Technical Excellence

Keeping up with people’s changing needs and interests in the world of technology requires great skill and time management. One of the ways to achieve this relative to maintaining and advancing software is called technical excellence.

Technical excellence is a mix of extreme programming, TDD and SOLID principles. These principles improve software quality and allow for efficient response times to both customer and business demands. Technical excellence also includes personal accountability in which developers are committed to learning and improvement, and a commitment to the team and working together to get projects completed.

Extreme programming, TDD and SOLID principles all equate to more testable and understandable development. Test-driven development, in particular, calls for code to be written in stages; complete one small piece of it, test it, modify it, and then move on to the next small piece of it. This leads us into the benefits of technical excellence.

The first benefit of practicing technical excellence is that code is broken down into small pieces so everyone understands the work to be done, answer any questions that arise at the fastest  point possible, and make sure everyone on the team understands the work to be undertaken. In this scenario, everyone must know every piece of it so they can work cohesively together at all times.

Practicing technical excellence creates highly maintainable code. Tests are run up front and then changed right away if they fail. This keeps everything working properly because it won’t ruin any other code, as no other code has been written yet. There is no coding and praying with this method.

By implementing technical excellence, companies maximize the amount of code they don’t write and only solve problems they actually have. There are no anticipated problems here; code is written strictly for what it needs to be written for. In addition, with all the testing done, there shouldn’t be any surprise problems coming up.

Implementing technical excellence at the enterprise level is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and create the products people really want. With time saved and minimal room for error, it can only be beneficial to do so.

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