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Add value to each stage of your customer’s journey with actionable insights gained through holistic analysis of data collected from multiple sources across customer journey

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Keep a watchful eye on your customer’s experience

CXWatch helps you closely examine the patterns and trends in customer experience metrics, determine the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction, and provides viable suggestions to improve the customer experience at every customer touchpoint.

Monitor CX indicators to spot patterns and trends

CXWatch monitors the trends in NPS/CSAT score, assesses the most frequently-occurring pain points in the customer's journey, and tracks the volume of customer support requirements. It simultaneously measures the support satisfaction rate change across channels to help you identify the key focus areas for improvements.

Identify key drivers of customer experience

CXWatch analyzes and predicts the elements impacting specific businesses' NPS/CSAT scores. It indicates the impact of focusing on key drivers, decisions that can improve consumer sentiment on social media, and the key influencers in determining customer satisfaction levels.

Gain actionable recommendation for CX enhancement

CXWatch helps you proactively take action through insights into the most crucial aspect of your customer interaction. It provides you with information regarding customers that may be at risk of leaving, the features of certain products that may need immediate attention, as well as the impact of social posts on your customer's experience.

Monitor, act, and enrich your customer’s experience

Enable a comprehensive customer experience strategy that proactively identifies hurdles in your customer's journey and helps you initiate insights-based action for end-to-end improvement of business-customer interaction



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises become insights-driven and adopt a customer-centric strategy by leveraging data collected at every digital touchpoint to redefine how it attracts, nurtures, and retains customers over time.

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Post sales survey analysis for FSI

CXWatch helps the FSI industry analyze post-sales surveys to identify the key drivers behind the customer's choice, customer expectations, and satisfaction levels to create products that align perfectly with the customer's future need.

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Customer support analysis and recommendations for the tech industry

CXWatch helps the technology industry with in-depth analysis of call and chat logs on various customer support channels to identify the customer's key pain points and the frequently-occurring issues affecting the customer's experience.

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Predict future customer value for the healthcare industry

CXWatch has an inbuilt customer LTV model that can determine their future value with high accuracy based on their satisfaction levels. It can also identify the issues faced by the patient at different stages and recommend action.

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Sentiment analysis on social media for TMT

CXWatch can gauge customers' preferences based on their social media interactions with advanced sentiment analysis, helping the TMT industry determine the key influencers driving consumer demands.


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