Success Story Retail

A healthcare retailer made the largest ever Cyber Monday sale with a rearchitected eCommerce platform

UX Solution for Healthcare Retailer

This healthcare retailer hosts 780 stores across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, holding a huge assortment of nutritional supplements.

As a part of their customer experience reinvention strategy, they needed an online website with consistent UX on all channels. Apexon stepped in to increase the scalability of the existing eCommerce platform.

The challenge

4 key areas

With Cyber Monday around the corner, this Healthcare Retailer’s Oracle Commerce-based website needed scalability to handle the incoming traffic. But the current infrastructure worked under a cohesive environment where any changes to the backend meant a disruption to the UI.


customer shopping experience

Missing Touchpoints The customer shopping experience of both physical store and online store was missing measurable touchpoints

omni-channel presence

Broken Customer Journeys A lack of omni-channel presence meant broken customer journeys and lost sales


Costs Site maintenance and overhead costs needed to be brought under control

future upgrades

Blocking Upgrades The business and UI layers were coupled, blocking any future upgrades

Key objective
5 key areas

To provide a seamless online experience to the customer with flexible delivery, payment options, delightful shopping experience to engage and retain the customer to impact the top line.

Automatic delivery of products

Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery of products via monthly subscription

Contact-free curbside pickup

Curbside Pickup

Contact-free curbside pickup for online orders

A/B testing for key pages

A/B Testing

A/B testing for key pages to identify performing designs

Multiple payment options

Payment Options

Multiple payment options – CC, Paypal, Google, Apple, Klarna

Mixed cart delivery

Store Pickup

Mixed cart delivery – Ship a part of the delivery to home or office and pick up a part at the store of choice

The solution
5 key areas

Apexon delivered a seamless user experience, providing a Single Page Application (SPA) with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across all viewing channels through an AngularJS-based responsive interface. An improved product taxonomy was built to ensure all users have a uniform hierarchy.

We went on to:

Serve consistent product and store data

Store Data Serve consistent product and store data using NodeJS and MongoDB

Create an independent UI layer

Independent UI Layer Create an independent UI layer that only consumes Oracle Commerce REST APIs

Free resources for additional requests during peak time

Free Resources Free resources for additional requests during peak time, focusing on order capture

Tune the performance

Tune the Performance Tune the performance by implementing parallel asynchronous processing

eCommerce Aspects

eCommerce Aspects Eliminate redundant database requests to bring in the pure eCommerce aspects

Component Caching Strategy

Component Caching Strategy Build a robust component caching strategy, leveraging Akamai and Varnish