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SaaS Provider Achieves 100% Quality for Compliance Apps

This company provides cloud-based archiving and compliance solutions to address the regulatory, e-discovery, and record retention requirements across a variety of industries.

The company helps its customers stay ahead of potential risk when using various communications channels (email, IM, social media, texting) while taking full advantage of the productivity those channels afford.

Recognizing the dynamic regulatory climate and the increasing risks with these new communications channels, the company needed to accelerate its development efforts.

  • +6,000 customers

    +6,000 customers

  • Manages 600 million conversations daily across +80 channels

    Manages 600 million conversations daily across +80 channels

  • Customer base includes leading banks in the US, Europe and Asia

    Customer base includes leading banks in the US, Europe and Asia

  • Working with government agencies in 40 different U.S. states

    Working with government agencies in 40 different U.S. states

qe services for SaaS

To make sure its quality engineering (QE) capabilities were keeping pace, the company engaged Apexon in 2017 to provide end-to-end testing, automation and project management services with the goal of ensuring 100% quality for its SaaS application.

the Results

Key Outcomes

End-to-End QE Services

End-to-End QE

4,000 API/UI test cases automated; 10,000 test cases manually tested at feature level

Accelerated Time to Market

Accelerated Time
to Market

Test automation reduced application release cycles and overall costs

Improved Competitiveness


New Agile processes provided ability to enhance application features on a continuous basis

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge
Slow solution development

As modern communication channels have multiplied, so too have the unique regulatory and compliance risks that come with them.

Lack of integration
Lack of integration

This company’s archiving, and monitoring solutions were in place across a wide breadth of companies using a variety of communication channels.

Slow development with risk
Slow development with risk

It was essential to accelerate the solution development and enhancements to help the company stay ahead of any potential risks. But those new services had to be delivered with 100% assurance of quality and performance for users.

The Solution

End-to-end qe Services

Apexon provided the company with end-to-end QE services for its SaaS application including manual, automation, and performance testing in addition to helping their team define Agile processes.

The engagement started with an assessment of the company’s quality engineering maturity using Apexon’s proprietary assessment model which compares current capabilities to industry best practices.

Based on the results of the assessment and input from the company team, Apexon recommended and implemented the following approach:

Automated testing

Automated testing

Automated kickoff of smoke and regression testing through Jenkins jobs

Api performance testing

Api performance testing

Performance testing of all of their different APIs

Test management & integration

Test management & integration

Use of TestRail test management tool to maintain all test assets and integration of automation with TestRail to push all results to the tool

Generating test data

Generating test data

Improved utility creation to generate test data

API testing automation

API testing automation

Automation of all testing for their APIs using Apexon’s Quality Automation Framework (QAF)

With Apexon providing automated end-to-end testing, the company was able to accelerate the delivery of new enhancements to its SaaS platform and keep its customers free and clear of any regulatory and compliance problems.