Success Story Healthcare

Healthcare Research Firm Saves 2500 Manhours & $375,000 Annually

build a more efficient enterprise

For contract research organizations (CROs), the steadily increasing cost of research trials and high levels of ever-present risk make it imperative to streamline operational costs wherever possible.

In a bid to improve their margins and build a more efficient enterprise, this Healthcare Research Firm contracted Apexon to better integrate their existing operational protocols with the Veeva CRM platform, built on Salesforce.

The challenge

2 key areas

Many CROs outsource a significant chunk of their product detailing and sampling activities, often using highly specialized vendors. Each of these outsourced projects requires extensive data exchanges between vendor and customer, presenting many problems:

Manual Data Exchanges

Manual Data Exchanges The existing data exchanges were being processed manually, with validation and updating occurring via Microsoft Excel, before being loaded to and from the Salesforce Platform

High Manpower Costs

High Manpower Cost Considering that the data exchanges were occurring on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, this function incurred a high manpower cost

The Solution

4 key areas

In order to improve the quality and speed at which data was being exchanged, Apexon specialists implemented an automation-based approach.

Extracting Data

Extracting Data

We used Informatica Workflow Manager to extract the data from the Salesforce tables and flat files

Validation & Transformation Rules

Validation & Transformation Rules

Data was processed via validation and transformation rules and uploaded into Salesforce and vice versa

High-level Reporting Solution

Complete Automation

Complete automation of the previously manual data import and export process

Validate & Transfer Files

Validate & Transfer Files

Unix scripts were used to validate and transfer files to and from the customer’s SFTP server