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Luxury Lifestyle Brand Modernizes Systems For Seamless Customer Experience

This global luxury brand promotes effortless living through its fashion, beauty, and décor offerings.

Headquartered in New York, this company operates four signature stores of its own, while also making its products available online and through select retailers. As the company grew and expanded its offerings and distribution, it needed to upgrade its Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform to ensure a seamless experience across the customer journey. Apexon was engaged to upgrade its ecommerce site to align the customer experience with brand expectations.

  • Global lifestyle retail brand

    Global lifestyle retail brand

  • Four signature retail stores in the us

    Four signature retail stores in the us

  • Products sold in 46 markets around the world

    Products sold in 46 markets around the world

The challenge


The platform of this company was originally built using the SFCC Pipeline version (formerly known as Demandware), which uses specific templates for cross-device compatibility. As the business expanded, this rendered an inconsistent experience across channels, disrupting the customer journey and negatively impacting the brand experience.

The company needed to upgrade its Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) eCommerce platform to stay continuously accessible for its premium customers. Specifically:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

The ecommerce platform lacked multiple features, which required complex third-party integrations

Legacy system modernization

The legacy system and outdated design created a prolonged customer checkout process

Site performance and accessibility improvement

Site performance and accessibility needed to be delivered on-demand

Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) upgrade

A significant update in the form of the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) was due that leveraged a mobile-first approach for the modern customer

SFRA’s image service capabilities

SFRA’s image service capabilities would replace the third-party services, allowing tangible cost reductions

The Solution


The Apexon team facilitated the development of a customized eCommerce site that streamlined the buying experience to align the customer experience with the client’s brand value proposition. Apexon successfully:

Upgraded the SFCC version to SFRA

Upgraded the SFCC version to SFRA, delivering a more responsive environment

Restructured the site design

Completely redesigned and restructured the site design for a condensed view on any device

Integrated single-page checkout

Integrated single-page checkout that optimized shopper conversion rates

Building an information-rich catalogue

Utilized SFCC’s DIS (Dynamic Imaging Service) for product imagery across the site, thus building an information-rich catalogue that enhanced the shopping experience

Reduced page loading time

Reduced page loading time and improved site accessibility holistically


Apexon leveraged its deep expertise with the Salesforce platform to help the client capitalize on the potential of its luxury brand in both its signature retail stores and in 46 markets across the world.

Increased average customer engagement time on its site

An enhanced online user experience increased average customer engagement time on its site pages by 22%

Reduced wait time on product listing pages by 20%

The new site experience reduced wait time on product listing pages by 20% on average

Revamped platform optimized costs

The revamped platform optimized costs across the portal by eliminating the need for integration with third-party applications

Self-service platform

The self-service platform positioned the business for fast and flexible expansion in the future