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Transforming the Home-Building Process for American Classic Homes

American Classic Homes (ACH) is a privately-held wholesale builder in Jacksonville, Florida, that focuses on making the home-buying experience as simple as possible for their investors, contractors, vendors and employees.

ACH was looking to optimize the home building business process and introduce cutting-edge features to improve the customer experience. Central to this was giving visibility into the entire build process for employees, vendors and contractors.

  • Local, privately-held wholesale builder

    Local, privately-held
    wholesale builder

  • Builds 600-1000 homes per year

    Builds 600-1000 homes
    per year

  • Most properties built for private real estate investors

    Most properties built for private real estate investors

Transforming The Home-building Process Using Salesforce Solutions

Employees selling and scheduling new home builds needed an automated way to configure, price and quote each build and an intelligent solution for scheduling the hundreds of tasks contractors had to complete to make a home move-in ready.

ACH engaged with Apexon to help it leverage the cloud to connect the different players in its homebuilding process — employees, vendors, and contractors. Apexon analyzed ACH’s business operations and recommended a Salesforce-based solution that centralized information in the cloud for easy real-time access and collaboration.

the Results

Key Outcomes

Automated & Optimized Home Building Process
Automated & Optimized
Home Building Process

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Cloud Access From
Anywhere, Any Device

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The Challenge

Providing a clear understanding of responsibilities and timing

Prior to working with Apexon, American Classic Homes couldn’t see the details of their build pipeline in one place and couldn’t provide its vendors, contractors or employees with precise, up-to-date information.

This made it very difficult to access project data. Much of the essential build information was only available in hard copy format, making it difficult to track status of permit data, designs and other build-related paperwork. This slowed communications and project progress significantly.

The Solution

Streamline the entire business process

Apexon enabled processes on Sales Cloud, CPQ, Arrow PSA and QuickBooks to give everyone – inside and outside of ACH – a clear understanding of the build, all scheduled work, and project interdependencies.

Apexon analyzed, documented and suggested changes to optimize the ACH build process from end to end and delivered the project using deep-dive process & requirements workshops followed by a series of design-build-test agile sprints. Vendors now receive purchase orders for materials and labor, driven by optimized pricing and margin features to help ACH pick the best vendor for each line item on the build schedule.

Key results included:

Automated and Optimized Home Building Process

Automated and Optimized Home Building Process

ACH is now able to make design decisions and finalize build configuration and pricing in an automated way using Salesforce CPQ. Vendors and contractors get real-time information about all the work they’re doing for ACH through a portal built on experience cloud.

Cloud Access from Anywhere

Cloud Access from Anywhere

The Salesforce solution enabled ACH to push their entire home building process into the cloud for access anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. This streamlined communication, sped decision making, and prevented project errors.

Centralized Application

Centralized application

The solution established a more centralized, robust and efficient business process for all.

“Apexon is more than capable of helping any client meet the challenging demands of their industry. The team went above and beyond to ensure our complex needs were met, and in most instances exceeded our expectations.”

Richard Briggs, ACH President