CI/CD Jump-Start Program
CI/CD Jump-Start Program


CI/CD Jump-Start Program

Put your initiative in place in as little as 7-8 weeks

Put your initiative in place in as little as 7-8 weeks. Learn how!

CI/CD Jump-Start Program
  • Are your development and test/QA processes agile enough?
  • Is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery part of your mobility strategy?
  • Is continuous Integration and automation too hard to achieve in your organization?
  • Are you having challenges integrating efforts from development and QA teams towards continuous integration or continuous deployment processes?

Our CI Jumpstart Program makes it easy to get started with Continuous Integration using tools like Jenkins and Selenium

Apexon can put your continuous integration and delivery initiative in place in as little as 7-8 weeks with our JumpStart Program that leverages Jenkins and Selenium automation.
CI/CD Review

Review(1-2 weeks)


  • Understand the expectations from the different stakeholders
  • Understand branching strategy
  • Understand dependancy management
  • Qualification of the builds & maintenance release cycles


  • Documented objectives
  • Promotion criteria
  • Tools & technology landscape
  • Dependencies – environment, process, etc.

DEFINE(4-6 weeks)


  • Coordinate multi-site development; Resolve broken build
  • Release engineering & CI flow design
  • Define branching & merging strategy
  • Define CI test automation execution Select CI Tools


  • Recommendation on available tools & technologies (pros & cons)
  • Documented CI workflow as per the understanding & approval from all stakeholders
  • Review branching & merging strategy
  • Deployment architecture & automation integration process
CI/CD Deploy

DEPLOY(2-4 weeks)


  • Design trunk, branching, & merging strategy to support product development
  • Design step-by-step CI flow & scripts needed
  • Automate software builds & packaging deployment scripts
  • Validate starting, executing & reporting of basic builds test verification


  • Identified CI tool deployment
  • Various job configurations that would allow user to perform tasks from Build to Deployment to Automated Regression in a QA environment
  • Emails & notifications based on requirements

Benefits of CI Jumpstart Program

Automated build process

Automated build process

Automated deployment process

Automated deployment process

Strong test automation framework

Strong test automation framework

regression test cases

Approximately 100 automated regression test cases

software health tracking

Reporting dashboard with trending charts, summary / failure analysis reports and realtime software health tracking

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