Proven methods, tools, frameworks to improve quality, cycle time

Digital Demands a Different Approach
to Software Development & Testing

Operationalize Automation

Put automation strategy to work and reach market faster and efficiently

Increased Complexity

Multiple integration of product features from various sources

Continuous Quality

There are no dedicated time set aside for QA cycles. It is all integral part of development with in sprints

Rapid DevOps Adoption

Automate the delivery pipelines to push changes to production in hours

Cloud Integration

Increasing adoption of cloud by developers leading to complexities in integration testing


Enable support for a range of platforms and devices using Microservices Architecture

Omni-channel Experience

Ensure seamless and consistent customer experience across channels

Master Data Management

Data validation, disparate sources, high TCO, specialized skillset and complex integrations

Need for User Feedback

Capture user feedback in tight time frames; for new applications

Accelerate Your Application Quality with Confidence

Apexon offers a comprehensive set of Quality Engineering and automated testing services to seamlessly embed quality into the product development lifecycle. This includes the processes necessary to start the digital transformation journey while continuously tuning your testing and automation efforts.

Apexon is The Right Partner to Accelerate Your QE Initiative

Apexon has helped many of the Fortune 100 companies (as well as a number of emerging innovators) accelerate their software cycle time, reduce operational costs and gain significant improvements in application quality.
Our approach is based on:

Easy Deployment, Less Risk

Reusable frameworks and easy-to-use automation tools that abstract complexity


Increased Automation

Continuous Integration, (Acceptance) Test-Driven Development (ATDD), in-sprint automation


Ease of Use

Business-driven development and testing concepts for plain language scripting


Cloud Scalability

To address unique test environment and test data challenges


Broader Coverage

Test frameworks that support test cases spanning GUI/Web services


Intelligent Decision Making

Advanced test reporting and trend analysis

Incorporating leading testing tools
and Open Source Frameworks

Apexon also incorporates industry-leading Quality Engineering and test automation services, tools and frameworks based on careful evaluation of each organization’s specific needs and requirements.

This is based on our extensive hands-on experience with these tools including:

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  • selenium
  • jenkins
  • gherkin
  • blazemeter
  • apache-jmeter
  • appium

Strategic Partnerships

Our relationships and experience with the top test automation service and solution providers enhance our ability to accelerate your digital initiatives. Whether, you are selecting, implementing, managing or migrating from or to, we can help you do it faster and more efficiently.

  • tricentis
  • headspin
  • sauce-labs
  • applitools
  • qmetry