Customer Spotlight – Comtech

VP of Product Management on adapting to new industry

Brian Salisbury: Hi. My name is Brian Salisbury. I’m the VP of Product Management for Comtech Telecommunications. Which recently acquired the company I was working for which was TCS, Tele Communication Systems.

Interviewer: Are you seeing any transformation in your industry?

Brian Salisbury: Our Industry has gone through a lot of change in the last few years, partly due to changes from large players such as Google entering our space and offering solutions or services that they can offer under a different business model than what we were traditionally doing. And so, we’ve found that by pivoting away from some of the traditional application focus that we had in the past, towards offering more of a platform and tying into other ecosystems that we’re able to move forward in this new world and not be affected too much by the impact of those other players.

Interviewer: Benefits of working with Apexon?

Brian Salisbury: I’ve previously had no experience with Apexon. But one of my staff had previously worked with Apexon in a prior job at another company. And so recently, when we had more resources to a project than we had available internally, he recommended that we consider Apexon because he had a good past experience.

Interviewer: How are you connected to Apexon?

Brian Salisbury: At Comtech I think we’ve had several benefits from our recent engagement with Apexon. Using your services has helped us to achieve some key milestones on projects that we’ve been working on. We’ve been able to utilize your ability to do not only do software development but also help with assembling some of the hardware that we needed to demonstrate the capabilities of our software, and if we had tried to do that work ourselves it would’ve been quite distracting because we aren’t a hardware company we’re really a software company. And so, getting our software engineers to try and spend time pulling hardware together is not a good use of their time.