Customer Spotlight – International SOS

Senior Advisor for Innovation & Business Strategy shares about digital innovation

I’m the Senior Advisor for Innovation and Business Strategy at International SOS. It’s a great job where I get to work with our senior leadership team identifying opportunities for innovation and then figuring out how the company can drive those ideas forward.

How are you accelerating the digital transformation of your business?
International SOS is a B2B2E or Business to Business to Employee company. While we sell our services to big organizations, ultimately we’re delivering our services to their stakeholders, or employees. And increasingly that group of people is seeking out all things digital. It’s not sufficient for us to interact with them over the phone or email, they want to use apps, they want to use mobile web, they want to use chat, they want to use video.
We’re really forced to look at not only how we do our business, but how we interact with this key group of stakeholders in a very different way.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with Apexon?
We’ve worked with Apexon for almost five years. It started off in a pretty simple way where we used Apexon to help us with some testing for a mobile app that we were developing.
Based on that relationship we just kept expanding it into additional areas — more mainstream QA type work, app development, helping us with our backend systems and increasingly around enterprise architect issues in terms of introducing things like identity management and then API based architecture.

Describe Apexon in one word?
I’m going to cheat and use two words — customer driven.
One of the things that’s really struck me throughout these five or so years we’ve worked with Apexon is how they have gone the distance with us and taken the time to really understand and learn about our business.
They don’t just look at us as someone that they just get an engagement from and move on to the next activity. The leadership at Apexon has spent a lot of time learning about our business, understanding what makes us tick, and what makes us different. We can see that really play though in the interactions that we have with their staff every day.

What were the key benefits?
Over five years we’ve definitely seen technology shift — not only our needs, but what’s available on the market place. What’s been nice about Apexon is that they haven’t locked into a particular way of thinking. We’ve seen them evolve and grow alongside us. I think that’s very encouraging that we’re not just buying something that’s there today and gone tomorrow.