Customer Spotlight –

Co-Founder and CTO on working with us

Surendra Goel: I’m Surendra Goel. I’m the Co-Founder and Chairman at CTO Urgently. Urgently is trying change the way people get roadside in America and Worldwide. Today if you look at how people get roadside help, they either prepay for the service like AAA or their insurance companies and when they need help they call. We basically connect with the nearest service provider who can help you at the time of need when you need it, and you can tag the service provider. You don’t have to prepay; you pay only when you need it. Price is fixed. Service providers are medics, so they are professionals, not somebody on the road.

Interviewer: How are you connected to Apexon?

Surendra Goel: When we started Urgently 4 years ago, we were in a different space, not in roadside and so it was then that I began a relationship. They acted like someone who was working on the team, we didn’t feel like we were working with an outsourcer. Anytime we needed help, he was always there. They were working on the schedule on the timeline that I would acquire and, I think it was a very good relationship.

Interviewer: Benefits of working with Apexon?

Surendra Goel: Yes, the benefit we have gained from Apexon engagement is they have been there for us when we needed them. Either for special skill sets or the type of people we need when we need them grow them, I think they work very well with our product needs.

Interviewer: What is your feedback on the event and your take away message to your organization?

Surendra Goel: I think they’re very well done. It was a range of topics from mobility to variables to everything but I think that there are some possible relationships that we can build with other partners and learning what other people are trying to do in that space. So, I think it’s serving the purpose the plan that you you’ll have planned to provide some insight how other companies, other partners are using the technologies, what problem their trying to solve and how others think these solutions can apply to your business.