Healthcare Overview

Delivering on the promise of digital for better healthcare outcomes

Digital technologies are enabling huge benefits in healthcare for more efficient operations, easier information, access, and better patient care to groundbreaking new treatments that can be monitored and managed via cloud, mobile, and IOT. But there are still many obstacles in the way: the high cost and inefficiency of care, the inability to connect disparate health record systems, getting new innovations to market quickly while meeting FDA requirements, the impersonalization of the patient-provider relationship, and real concerns about patient data security and privacy.

Apexon is working with some of the world’s leading healthcare companies to overcome these challenges. We apply a digital first approach across the healthcare spectrum to accelerate innovation, where it can have the greatest impact for patients, providers, life sciences companies, pharma, and medical device makers.

Our capabilities in digital strategy, development, and testing are delivering important results, including improved patient engagement in care, tele-health enablement, operational efficiency, more accessible and effective care, faster cycle times, higher and safer levels of selfcare, and important insights from data analytics.

Apexon works across the digital delivery lifecycle. To ideate and experiment, we develop and execute new digital healthcare offerings and reinvent existing ones quickly, agilely, and with less risk. We automate and accelerate digital initiatives by building the technology infrastructure and foundation that enables providers to turn new digital innovations into best practice. And we support their digital evolution by leveraging data and analytics using our own healthcare data analytics platform, HDAP, to continuously improve delivery and stay ahead of patient, provider, and staff needs.

We offer a comprehensive set of digital services that include agile transformation to scale agile practices and accelerate digital initiatives, UX and visual design to turn digital touch points into competitive advantage, cloud engineering to optimize cloud environments for agile and devops, and mobile and web engineering to enhance user engagement and accelerate digital adoption.

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