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Unlock new possibilities with data at your service

Apexon brings its data science expertise to custom-build business-specific solutions that transform the way businesses interact and utilize their data for growth. Our experience and extensive competency in AI, ML, deep learning frameworks, and best practices in data storage, integration, governance, and visualization, helps enterprises derive greater value from their data for efficient decision making.

Data Engineering and Governance

Unlock the full potential of data and enhance your data management capabilities across the enterprise by building an intelligent data management platform to drive efficiency and accurate insights.  
  • Build a robust, agile, and responsive data warehouse for your business to drive optimized data management solutions
  • Organize, categorize, and localize your master data with the help of our specialized MDM and data governance solutions
  • Make effective use of Big Data for enterprise-wide efficiency improvement by building a robust data storage, processing, and analytics infrastructure
  • Seamlessly migrate data from traditional databases to modern data stores to address enterprise-wide issues of latency, data incompatibility, and veracity-velocity tradeoffs
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    Data Science and Advanced Analytics

    Augment your data analytics capabilities, drive more value out of your data, and derive highly accurate in-depth insights and predictions with solutions custom-made for your business.  
    • Leverage our NLP expertise and customized ML models to understand your customer’s behavior and preferences to improve customer engagement
    • Detect patterns and anomalies in your datasets to proactively make corrections or identify new opportunities for your business
    • Leverage our domain knowledge, cross-functional technical expertise, customized solutions, and ML capabilities to predict and match the evolving customer needs
    • Achieve self-learning forecasting capabilities for your business with the help of our customized ML-based forecasting and optimization models.
    • Enable end-to-end data preparation cycle, from collecting the data to design and deployment with our image and video analytics solutions
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    Data Visualization

    Drive efficient decision-making with KPI-driven insights, embedded BI solutions, augmented analytics, and simplified visualization of complex data using dashboards customized for your business.  
    • Enable interactive data visualization and duration drill-down capabilities to get valuable insight into the KPIs and the health of your organization
    • Create business-specific predictive analytics and reporting capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated within your existing systems to enhance business performance
    • Develop intuitive capabilities of interacting with your data using voice commands, NLU, and natural language-enabled queries
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    How We’ve Led Our Customers To The Vertex



    Apexon in Action

    See how Apexon helps enterprises unlock greater efficiency from their processes.

    Use case image

    A large global technological company improve sales growth by 11%

    Discover how we helped one of the largest global technological company grow their sales by 11% and reduce sales discrepancy by 25% by customizing BDE Big Data Analytics solutions for Sales.

    Use case image

    A large telecom company improved its customer satisfaction rate by 93%

    Discover how we helped a large US-based telecom giant improve its customer satisfaction by 93% and significantly enhance its revenues by building a centralized data hub to support all customer-telecom data analytics and monitor the performance of the telecom network in near real-time.

    Use case image

    World's leading auto company saves 40% more time with automated annotation

    Discover how we helped one of the world’s leading automotive companies save 40% of the time in data gathering through video labeling and annotation by automating the process for them.


    Insights That Drive Real Results

    Human-Centric Applications For Better Patient Care

    Software engineers are saving lives with innovative new healthcare apps that put the human experience first.

    Maximizing Interoperability In Lifesciences

    As siloed systems crumble across the healthcare and pharma sectors, integrated business environments are taking their place.


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