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Strive to be Better, Every Day

Strive to be Better, Every Day

Did you know that 3,683,212,665 people were affected by software failure last year?  The implications of this are no joke. Reputations shatter. Stocks tank. And the human cost to users, to the customers? Software that doesn’t work as it should is inconvenient, at best, causing dissatisfaction and churn. At worst, it helps fraudsters misuse it for their own gains.

When Apexon’s partner, Tricentis, unearthed the scope of software failure in their Software Fail Watch report, they discovered every major sector had several dozen software horror stories in 2017. Why is this?

The reality is that most companies are not as evolved in their software testing processes as they know they should be.

Standing still is not an option

Without continually improving in software development and quality testing, organizations will see market share and revenue decrease while customer experience, functionality and performance all fail. This might come as a slow slide into decline, or a sharp shock, especially where a high-profile software oversight or error has occurred. Whatever form it takes, the most accomplished people and businesses know that to outperform you can never stand still. Glance down at your smartphone for another piece of evidence – if you need it – of why there is a need to improve software development and testing. How many versions and updates of your most-used apps hit the market weekly, and even, daily?

Continuous improvement

One thing is certain: most businesses are not where they should be in their software testing. If continuous improvement is the aim, continuous testing needs to be their game.

Continuous Testing has been around for a while, but surprisingly few organizations truly embrace it. That really is surprising when you think about the benefits that continuous testing delivers. Here’s what they’re missing out on.

1. By not having testing automated, or utilizing the best tech out there, organizations are causing potentially critical delays in their DevOps.

2. A common pitfall for businesses is to focus on one or two aspects of the testing ecosystem. There are tools on the market – good ones – that do just that. However, by not taking a holistic approach that looks at every element of the testing ecosystem, organizations are missing a key opportunity to truly enhance the end product by understanding where they can, and also where they shouldn’t, automate.

3. The longer organizations wait to automate, optimize and prepare their testing for AI, the longer they’re not leveraging the extreme advantages of AI.

With Continuous Testing in place, enterprises can deliver high-quality products faster and reduce their costs through operational efficiencies. Not only that, they can adjust more quickly to boost customer satisfaction in response to market conditions. Remember what we said about outperforming the competition? Continuous Testing enables the agility to do just that.

Apexon’s continuous testing follows a proven, results-driven methodology. We’ve been helping clients get digital right, the first time, for over 12 years, based on aligning their strategic goals with rock-solid business planning and deep sector experience. Continuous Testing is no different. The framework we use addresses every aspect of quality assurance and testing. Clients achieve that goal in three ways: by increasing agility, efficiency and/or quality.

Continuous Testing services enable organizations to put in place the systems, processes, engineering and automation needed to increase business outcomes. That means evaluating every aspect of testing to discover where they can make improvements. Our continuous testing services assess, automate and optimize the following stages:

  • Requirements and expectations
  • Test case definition and maintenance
  • Test automation
  • Test data, environment and virtualizations management
  • Test execution and regression
  • Root cause analysis
  • Insights and analytics feedback

If you’re striving for greater automation coverage in testing, or you’re curious about the ways testing can be continually enhanced,  why not contact us today to discuss how continuous testing would benefit your organization?

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