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How to Get Politics Out of Your App Development

How to Get Politics Out of Your App Development

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen that political campaigns are in full swing as the voting date in the United States — November 3 — is now upon us. Political candidates are busy vying for votes and pushing their ideas and agendas. On top of that, with the 2016 presidential election only a year away, presidential candidates are already busy on the campaign trail striving for supporters. With all this political turmoil swirling around us, we have to wonder: how can we keep all the craziness of politics out of app development?

Unfortunately there are often a lot of internal politics at most companies, no matter what the size. When developing an app, you may be met with opposition from different departments within your organization, each with their own agenda and goals. You might start out with an idea for your app to be a certain way, only to have it changed many times over by different people in the company. So how can you balance all of these competing interests?

One way to get politics out of app development is to let everyone have a voice. If you’re seen as being inclusive and you are welcoming input on the app, people in your company will feel like their ideas are heard and that they contributed. Even if only a small idea that they had ends up in the final app, they will have more ownership and pride in the finished product.

The flip side of this is that you have to choose carefully the people who you share information with. Letting too many of your colleagues chime in will only confuse matters when developing your app. Make sure that the key stakeholders have a chance to offer their thoughts and input, but don’t leave the process open to anyone and everyone — otherwise there will be so many changes that the app may never be made.

In addition, you should make it clear that there is a specific vision you have in mind for your app. If you have a clear plan for how you want the app to work and how you want it to look, it will be easier for you to stand your ground when other departments start trying to make changes.

You can also outsource the creation of your app to a company that has expertise in app development. That way, you have an outside expert handling many of the key decisions, including how the app will function and its look and feel. This will help relieve some of the tension internally if people in your organization have different ideas for how the app should operate. If an outside company is handling it, you can simply go with their recommendations.

When creating your app, it’s important to get the right input without getting confused by competing ideas and interests within your organization. That’s why going with an outside expert company may be the best route. They can bring a fresh perspective to what your organization needs and exactly how your app should function. They also take away the drama of one idea for an app “winning” over other ideas in your company.

Politics is a part of life, and there is no escaping it. Instead of trying to ignore politics in your company when it comes time to develop your app, you should reach out to app development experts to give you guidance. Doing so will make life easier for everyone in your organization and will ultimately lead to better, more compelling apps.

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