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iPhone OS 4.0 – Apple Delivers !

Apple launched the most awaited and exciting update to its iPhone software – iPhone OS 4.0. Steve Jobs unveiled the new 100+ features to enhance the iPhone Experience.

Apexon‘s Research Lab is impressed with the following cool features:

1. Multi-Tasking – This was one of the most sought after feature and Apple finally delivers ! Apple claims to multi-task activities without draining the batter power.

2. Enterprise – Apple iPhone wants to be a enterprise phone as well and challenge Blackberry. Some of the new Enterprise features include:
– Even better data protection
– Mobile Device Management
– Wireless app distribution
– Multiple Exchange accounts
– Exchange Server 2010
– SSL VPN support

iPhone OS 4.0 Features

3. iAd – Apple has introduced its own advertising platform – an ad plugin for app developers called iAd. People will watch ads while they continue to use iPhone or play games. It is definitely a vital tool and can challenge AdMob. The powerful advertising platform will 60% revenues to developers.

4. Game Center – Apple iPhone wants to be as cool as XBox as well. A lot of focus has been given to Game Center and features like inviting friends to play, competing with random players is available.

There are lot of other features including a new Mail app, ability to create folders, iBooks etc. It has also made the developer community happy by offering a new SDK with more than 1500 apps for creating powerful interesting apps.

The Smartphone market is hotting up !

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