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Talking about BYOD? Then you must talk about Mobile Device Management aka MDM. But the very basic question remains is why do we need MDM software? Let me try to throw some light on why do we need MDM software.

The world of mobility has changed like anything in recent years. A single organization, multiple employees, multiple devices, varied OS configuration, and varied versions of OS and on top of that the devices used to carry the organisational data!

There is constant rise in adoption of Smartphones and tablets – expected growth of smart devices for 2013 is 46.2%. Gartner predicts smart devices will surpass 1 billion this year and 2013 will be the first year smartphones will outsell the more basic feature phones in the mobile market, and will account for 50.1% of all mobile phones.

Let me show some interesting facts about what will be the future of BYOD:

  • By 2015 when 74% CIO’s will support BYOD, 34% of companies will face acute security issues.
  • 54% passwords will be stolen
  • 46% of critical organisational data will be in employee’s devices!

Well that’s not the end of story! With all the smart devices available there are apps. You never know which interface your mobile app is using which features it is blocking and what data they are sharing with other interfaces!

So we need a magical wand that ensures that everything is running smoothly and your organisation is well protected. And that magical wand is Mobile Device Management Software!

According to Gartner:

Mobile device management (MDM) includes software that provides the following functions: software distribution, policy management, inventory management, security management and service management for smartphones and media tablets.

MDM functionality is similar to that of PC configuration life cycle management (PCCLM) tools; however, mobile-platform-specific requirements are often part of MDM suites

In Simple words:

Mobile device management allows administrators to oversee the operation of conventional cell phones, smart phones and similar devices as easily as is done with desktop computers.

The ideal mobile device management tool:

  • Is compatible with all common handheld device operating platforms and applications.
  • Can function through multiple service providers.
  • Can be implemented directly over the air, targeting specific devices as necessary.
  • Can deploy next-generation hardware, operating platforms and applications quickly.
  • Can add or remove devices from the system as necessary to ensure optimum network efficiency and security.

Mobile device management also means the ability to manage mobile apps that are on each device. You can deploy, manage, block or remove rogue apps on individual or groups of devices, ensuring productivity is high, reducing the risk of dangerous mobile malware and maintaining data security.

So if your organization is planning to go the BYOD way, so I must say that BYOD freedom requires MDM security. In order to enable the kind of freedom BYOD brings, the corporate network and corporate data needs to be protected. The MDM software can be used with both Company Owned Devices and Employee owned devices.  Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution that will help with this kind of dilemma.

Source: Garter Reports, IDC , Forrester, Mobility in Enterprise

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