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DailyUse Leverages Infostretch to Develop Contactless Mobile Payment Platform

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Infostretch’s platform-as-a-service solution shortens product development cycle and enables rapid time to market for DU Mobile Wallet

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (July 19, 2016) Enterprise mobility solution provider Infostretch announced that it has provided software development services that enabled DailyUse to quickly deliver a secure, contactless mobile payment platform to credit card issuers worldwide. DailyUse offers user-friendly payment and wallet solutions for smartphones, offering a complete technology solution plus expert installation in concert with its banking and telecom partners.

The DailyUse (DU) Mobile Wallet delivers on the promise of digitally storing everything a consumer needs on a daily basis when they are away from home. DailyUse engaged Infostretch to help address a number of requirements critical to fulfilling this promise in a flexible, secure mobile payment platform that meets the needs of banks, credit card issuers and retailers, as well as appealing to consumers.

The Infostretch engagement included a comprehensive development roadmap compatible with Android and Windows platforms, while supporting various global Trusted Service Manager (TSM) platform specifications for integration with banks worldwide and iOS combined with BLE.

A key consideration in the project was the need to connect the DailyUse technology infrastructure to an array of constituents and systems in the payment ecosystem, such as network operators, credit card issuers, retail point-of-sale systems and smartphone users. Infostretch incorporated a Proxy Agent Interface to manage both secure elements in the mobile network as well as secure elements embedded in today’s smartphone, allowing consumers to securely access the Mobile Wallet at point-of-sale with only a passcode or fingerprint.

The mobile payment platform developed by Infostretch enabled DailyUse to shorten their product development cycle, affording significant advantage in the fast-growing contactless payment market, which is predicted to reach nearly $100 billion worldwide by 2018.

“With the help of Infostretch, we were able to deliver the DU Mobile Wallet payment platform to market a full year earlier than originally projected,” said Eivind Benum, Chief Technology Officer for DailyUse. “Development of a single, secure, cloud-based payment platform enables the DailyUse solution to be easily integrated with existing payment systems, providing banks and retailers the opportunity to tailor payment solutions for value-added services.”

“Following an agile platform enablement approach, our team of dedicated experts provided DailyUse with a fast and flexible development roadmap to support Android and Windows Platforms as well as TSM protocols,” said Rutesh Shah, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Infostretch. “The extension of robust enterprise access control security systems embedded in a mobile platform makes it possible for the DailyUse contactless payment platform to accelerate mobility and consumer freedom without sacrificing security.”

The DU Mobile Wallet all-in-one platform is available to banks, mobile operators and retailers worldwide as a white-label solution that they can brand for secure, near field communication (NFC) contactless payments supporting all preferred payment methods.

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DailyUse provides customers with user-friendly payment and wallet solutions based on NFC technology for smartphones. Together with its partners in telecom and banking, the company delivers the complete technology solution and expert installation needed to enable secure, private-label and white-label NFC and BLE contactless payments for credit card issuers, retailers and consumers worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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