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Infostretch Moves to a New Office to Foster More Collaboration

infoStretch moves to a new office to foster more collaboration

Infostretch Moves to a New Office to Foster More Collaboration

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (December 14, 2012) Infostretch Corporation, a leading provider of Mobile and QA services and solutions, announced today that it has a new home. This new office is located in Santa Clara – the heart of Silicon Valley. Situated alongside many other Valley start-ups and corporations, this new office is set to foster greater collaboration and provide an even bigger opportunity to employees to thrive, grow and succeed.

Infostretch had spent previous years a few blocks away from the new location. “Our old office has served us well and we made some great memories there, but change is imminent and I am very excited to welcome all my InfoNeers to the new space – their new home”, says Rutesh Shah, President and CEO of Infostretch. “I still remember the humble beginnings in 2004, when we had started with a team of just 16 InfoNeers at Lakeside, and today my family has grown to more than 100. This new office is our new Infostretch headquarters and will be a ground for all my InfoNeers to grow and succeed”, he added.

The facility has a large kitchen where InfoNeers can come together to share some downtime during lunch and breaks. It also has a large game room which will help employees unwind and a large studio which will be used for video production. It has several large conference rooms, sitting areas, a library and spacious, well lit cubicles for everyone.

“We took a lot of care to pick the right office space for each of our employees to promote team communication and productivity”, says Manish Mistry, VP of Mobile Services at Infostretch. “Our main goal is to ensure that employees come in and go out with a smile on their face”, he added.

The new office is located at 3200, Patrick Henry Drive, Suite 250, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

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About Infostretch

Infostretch is a pure-play digital engineering services firm focused on helping companies accelerate their digital initiatives from strategy and planning through execution. We leverage deep technical expertise, Agile methodologies and data-driven intelligence to modernize systems of engagement and simplify human/tech interaction. We deliver custom solutions that meet customers’ technology needs wherever they are in their digital lifecycle. Infostretch works with both large market-leading enterprises and emerging innovators — putting digital to work to enable new products and business models, engage with customers and partners in new ways, and create sustainable competitive differentiation.

We offer the most cost effective, secure, and scalable models to service our clients across various verticals such as banking, healthcare, education, and entertainment to name a few. Our innovations have allowed us to provide an SLA of 24hours and the ability to scale and test over 2,000 apps a day.