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Infostretch Tests and Certifies 30,000 Mobile Apps

Infostretch Tests and Certifies 30,000 Mobile Apps

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (June 24, 2011) Infostretch Corporation, world’s leading mobile solutions provider, today announced an important milestone in company’s mobile app certification Initiative. Today, Infostretch engineers tested and certified the 30,000th mobile app at the Infostretch Mobile Lab.

“We are excited to reach this important milestone in a relatively short duration of time” said Manish Mistry, VP of Mobile Services at Infostretch. “Thousands of apps are hitting the mobile market every day, but unfortunately, so are the reports of security and privacy breaches by various app developers. Although users have millions of apps to choose from, most apps don’t quite function the way they should across handsets and don’t meet the quality standards users expect. Infostretch has taken up the responsibility of making mobile ecosystem more reliable and is committed to elevating user confidence by improving the quality of mobile applications in the market.”

Infostretch is the certification authority for 5 out of top 7 app stores, and leverages its test lab, automation tools and experienced test engineers to provide the required scalability and quality. Infostretch’s certification services are powered by a state-of-art mobile lab that houses over 2500 real mobile devices and a proprietary test management tool QMetry ( QMetry’s integration with the app store certification portal and automated mobile application testing tools helps Infostretch optimize its testing efforts during the certification process.

“Scalability is one of the main strengths that Infostretch brings to the table. We can scale up to test over 1000 mobile apps on multiple mobile platforms in a single day, without compromising on the quality of testing” said Mistry.

In addition to app stores, Infostretch provides testing and certification services to over 30 enterprise customers in various industries including insurance and banking, healthcare, retail and entertainment by leveraging Private Mobile Cloud technology.

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