& QMetry

Our partnership can accelerate digital quality with more confidence
quality software – faster

Delivering tailor-made continuous testing

QMetry is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to help Test/QA teams manage their testing processes more efficiently, increase their level of automation, gain actionable insights from analytics, and take better advantage of other leading tools and platforms in the dev/test ecosystem.

The QMetry Integration solution suite includes:

QMetry Integration for
Enterprise Teams

Scalable, secure, cloud-ready and
integrated test management

QMetry for Small
Business Teams

Flexible, agile, cost-effective
and efficient

QMetry for Open
Source Communities

Test management driven by
automation frameworks and APIs

To QMetry

An agile-friendly and
future-ready platform


To shorten your learning curve

Apexon & QMETRY
Reinventing software development lifecycles

The solutions that derive from the Apexon and QMetry partnership are trusted by 400+ customers globally across a variety of industries because they produce big results and enable test/QA teams to:

CI/CD Initiatives
Leverage Automation
More Intelligently
Scale Test Planning
& Execution
Be More
Our partnership
The Benefits
to you

Together, Apexon and QMetry enable Test/QA organizations to reinvent their software development lifecycles by leveraging industry best practices, integrating more easily with existing dev/test platforms and systems, and accelerating their Agile, Shift Left and CI/CD initiatives.

Apexon has more experience with the QMetry suite than any other service provider in the market. We are intimately familiar with each module in the suite and have deployed it in a variety of different environments.

We have also built custom tools and integrations that streamline implementation and accelerate time to value for users. This includes easy integrations with other automation frameworks (e.g. Cucumber, TestNG, Junit, Maven), CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins and Bamboo) and most any requirement or lifecycle management tool.

Working together
Get the most out of the qmetry suite

The Apexon – QMetry partnership can benefit any organization looking to accelerate its software test cycles and enhance the quality of its digital initiatives. We can you help identify the right environments in which to deploy QMetry, ensure seamless deployment and integration of the tools, and train and certify your users on it to make your Test/QA organization more self-sufficient with the tools.

Faster Time to Market
Cost Savings for Automation
Better Traceability Across Cross-Functional Teams