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US-Based Bank Cuts Cycle Time, Improves User Experience

This company is changing the online banking landscape with award-winning services powered by innovative digital experiences. Its offerings include a full suite of digital banking, loan, and investment products for consumer, commercial, and corporate customers.

The bank’s mission is to make auto financing as convenient as possible for both consumers and dealers. Enabling borrowers to manage their loans via web and mobile is an important part of this goal, but disjointed frontend, backend, and database environments were causing trouble with testing cycles, and leaving customers with an inconsistent experience.

  • Serving +18,000 dealers

    Serving +18,000 dealers

  • 4M customers in the U.S.

    4M customers in the U.S.

  • Finance a vehicle purchase every minute

    Finance a vehicle purchase every minute

omnichannel banking solutions

Apexon started working with the bank in 2016 to modernize its QE environment using our partners tool from Perfecto. Leveraging automation and integrated web and mobile testing, Apexon helped cut cycle time and resource requirements dramatically. The bank is now expanding the Apexon QE framework into other areas of its business.

the Customer





  • Application Automation (Perfecto)

  • Master Data Management Testing

  • Loan Origination System (LOS) Test Automation
  • Automation for Application Monitoring

  • Digital Transformation UAT Testing Analyst – Mobile Invest
  • Advantage Regression suite Automation

  • DevOps support
  • Auto Online Services

the Results

Key Outcomes

Reduced Cycle Time
Cycle Time

Automation and reusable test components speed testing by 97%

Comprehensive Automation

Enabling daily execution of regression suite and testing of complex scenarios

Higher Service Levels
Service Levels

Improved quality drives higher customer satisfaction

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge

To build a seamless, omni-channel experience

The bank envisioned a seamless, omni-channel consumer-oriented experience that would differentiate its services from the competition and strengthen its customer relationships. This included enabling easy online account management (for example, adding payment accounts, enrolling in auto pay, making payments, requesting a quote, and much more). Behind the scenes though, the web and mobile applications had different frontend, backend, and database environments. Each channel presented a different experience.

Addressing these problems was hampered by too many time-consuming manual QE processes including:

automation in banking test cases

Test cases

It took a full week to execute. 100 test cases in a single environment

Testing Cycles

Testing Cycles

There was no ability to deploy tests on multiple environments at the same time, creating much slower testing cycles

expertise in testing bank use cases

Testing expertise

The bank also did not have any expertise testing large cases on multiple browsers, or testing hybrid test scenarios

cycle time

Slow cycle times

Complex narrative testing scenarios slowed cycle time even further

The Solution

automation Framework

The bank turned to Apexon to roll out a new technology architecture to facilitate the backend system upgrade along with new UI flows to provide a better customer experience.

apexon test automation services

Apexon started by proving out test automation’s ability to deliver the speed, scale and efficiency required. Then it kicked off a well-defined test automation initiative that would serve as a model to accelerate the bank’s broader digital engineering efforts.

open-source automation framework

The open-source automation framework enabled the company’s delivery team to write automated UI tests to simulate real user activities for each interface without worrying about common tasks across all of them. The tests were configured through standard testing configuration files, test run filters, and behavior was able to be changed within the config file.

Perfecto’s cloud-based testing platform

The automation framework also integrated with Perfecto’s cloud-based testing platform where test automation could be executed against real mobile devices and a variety of desktop web browsers in a secure private cloud. Using the framework, automation scripts were executed on real mobile devices on different versions of iOS and Android. The devices could also be shared across different teams and different geographies for testing.

As a result, the bank was able to cut testing cycle time from one week and six manual resources to just four hours in a single test environment for 450+ test cases. It also increased capacity and efficiencies significantly.
The company is now using this framework as a model to expand its use of automation and speed delivery cycles in other areas of its business.


Jenkins for Continuous Integration

Jenkins for Continuous Integration

Selenium grid for parallel execution

Selenium grid for parallel execution

Execution of hybrid scenarios

Execution of hybrid scenarios using a single tool

open-source automation framework

An open-source automation framework powered by SOAP web services

Multiple batch scenarios

Multiple batch scenarios which could be executed simultaneously