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GlobeOne Launches New Digital Banking App Globally

GlobeOne is the world’s first digital banking club, offering members multiple banking and finance options along with a variety of rewards and perks.

GlobeOne is utilizing digital technology to connect a global community to provide highly affordable and accessible financial services based on a predictable fixed annual fee. Its business model is predicated on the ability to connect with multiple banks around the world so that they can work together.

  • digital innovators banking

    A collective of banking veterans and digital innovators who created a new way to bank

  • mobile banking solution

    Designed for today’s mobile world

  • mobile banking solution for unbanked and underbanked population

    Serving the large population of unbanked and underbanked

create standard development infrastructure for banks

Beginning in 2014, Apexon (in partnership with Kony, a leader in mobile application development) mapped GlobeOne’s business and operational needs to the capabilities of the Kony product platform to design, develop and launch GlobeOne’s highly flexible mobile banking solution in just 16 weeks. Over the next 5+ years Apexon worked on new integrations and additional development work using Kony’s platform.

The Customer Journey






  • Retail Banking Application Development
  • Kony Integration

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Test Automation

  • Mobile Application Development & Bank Integration

  • New Member Bank Integration

  • Additional Kony Development

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge

Connecting customers to A network of global community banks

GlobeOne’s mission is to create financial inclusion for the growing number of unbanked and underbanked consumers around the world by improving and enhancing their financial health and well-being.

The company does not want to be a bank, rather, its goal is to provide the front-end infrastructure, integration and access points needed to connect its customers to a large network of community banks across the world. In order to execute on this vision, GlobeOne needed to create a standardized development infrastructure for its different channels and applications (including mobile, native, and desktop) to accelerate time-to-market and ensure maximum flexibility to respond to the unique dynamics of different geographic markets around the world.

Kony started working with GlobeOne to provide the foundational development platform for the their application, but it still had to solve three outstanding challenges:

integration for cross-border financial services

A business model requiring many-to-many integration in cross-border financial services

new geographies and languages integration

The need to ramp up and expand quickly into new geographies and languages

develop app for multiple platforms, devices and operating systems

The ability to develop for multiple platforms, devices and operating systems around the world

The Solution

innovative problem solving & resources

Apexon assigned the right mix of onsite (project manager and technical lead) and offsite (development, QA and a technical lead) resources to ensure on-time delivery, flexibility and responsiveness for both Kony and GlobeOne. Throughout three different phases, Apexon and Kony brought best practices and innovative problem solving to ensure the short and long-term success of the GlobeOne implementation. The phases included:

Phase 1
Blueprinting | 2 Weeks
  • user requirement analysis

    Analysis, user stories/requirements

  • technical and UI/UX design services
  • UI wireframes and a clickable prototype mapping

    A series of UI wireframes and a clickable prototype mapped to address different user needs leveraging the Kony platform

Phase 2
Development | 11 Weeks
  • Leveraged Kony Studio

    Leveraged Kony Studio, Visualizer and Mobile Fabric to build in features iteratively along with the backend integration while incorporating various changes along the way

  • Developed and deployed additional features to expand geographies and banks

    Developed and deployed additional features; fortified existing features – accelerating GlobeOne’s ability to quickly add new functionality as it expanded into new geographies and added more banks to its global community

Phase 3
UAT Testing | 3 Weeks

With the help of Kony and Apexon, GlobeOne was able to deploy the development infrastructure it needed to connect a global financial community. It has continued its rapid expansion into new geographies while maintaining the flexibility and agility to adjust to changing market dynamics.