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Luxury Automaker Mobilizes its Dealer Network

This iconic automotive brand is synonymous with excellence and a superior driving experience. The company’s worldwide dealer network represents an important extension of its brand.

The company is continually looking for new ways to extend the brand through its dealers. Mobile presented numerous opportunities to do that and build on the company’s innovative use of digital services in its vehicles.

  • One of the 10 largest car manufacturers in the world

    One of the 10 largest car manufacturers in the world

  • +4,000 dealers In 150 countries

    +4,000 dealers In 150 countries

  • Sells more than 2m cars per year

    Sells more than 2m cars per year

mobility services for automotive manufacturers

Atos, a leading systems integrator in the automotive sector, and a longtime partner to the company, introduced Apexon in 2014.

The goal was to scope and develop a family of mobile apps and services to enable dealers worldwide to optimize the customer experience and maximize dealer sales opportunities. The combination of Atos and Apexon provided the company with exactly the expertise it needed for over 4 years.

the Results

Key Outcomes

Improved patient outcomes

The dealer mobility initiative was delivered on time, on target, and on budget

Creation of a next-gen digital companion

The apps addressed the company’s many unique country-specific requirements

digitization of Patient Home Care

Salespeople had easy mobile access to helpful product information; no longer tied to a desk

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge
TO elevate and extend mobile capabilities within the timeframe

While the company is a proven innovator in the automotive industry and had developed very useful web applications for its dealers, it needed a digital engineering partner to elevate and extend those capabilities to mobile. The functional and performance expectations were high, and the mobile applications had to meet the user and technical requirements of different global regions – factors entirely consistent with the brand. Lastly, the company had a very aggressive timeframe for go-to-market to coincide with the new model year.

The Solution


Working as the primary development partner, Apexon worked with our partner Atos to develop, test and launch three new mobile apps for dealers worldwide including:


Mobile Sales & Analytics App

Prior to the mobile solution, dealers could only track sales opportunities through a web app accessed via desktop, limiting usage to the showroom. Apexon completely redesigned the existing web app to extend it to mobile enabling several new use cases for the company, its dealers and dealer salespeople including:

Dashboard-level visibility for the auto company

Dashboard-level visibility for the company and its dealers into sales performance, pipeline, inventory forecasts, customer interests and macro shopping behavior

Connection to back end dealer information systems

Connection to back end dealer information systems, enabling access to a variety of different analytic queries and aggregated and analyzed data

Customer lead management and redistribution

Customer lead management and redistribution by the company and dealer management

feature view and analysis for dealer salespeople

Competitive product feature view and analysis for dealer salespeople

The app was rolled out on a global level with Apexon handling all internationalization including language, regional models, devices and networks.


Dealer Delivery App

Apexon and the company collaborated on a mobile app to assist salespeople in walking customers through all the different features and options in their new automobile. Some of the key elements of the project included:

multiple languages, geographies and networks support

Support for multiple languages, geographies and networks

Access to detailed features

Access to detailed feature information by model and geographic region

Online and offline availability

Online and offline availability

Available on iOS and Android tablets

Available on iOS and Android tablets

Sales training for dealer sales associates app

Sales Training for Dealer Sales Associates App

The company’s success depends on how well dealer salespeople represent the brand and all it has to offer. Apexon developed a comprehensive mobile training app with ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to company sales resources, presentations, online courses, manuals and more.

Apexon developed solutions that support the company’s extensive international requirements including regional customizations, product variations, branding and technology.

In addition, it integrated extensive QE best practices early in the app lifecycle to speed cycle time and deliver exactly what the company wanted. The new mobile apps are also linked to critical backend systems at the company to provide valuable customer data analytics.