Partner Spotlight – Perfecto

Co-Founder & CEO on working with us

My name is Eran Yaniv, and I’m the CEO and founder of Perfecto by Perforce, and if you don’t know about Perfecto by Perforce, we provide solutions for quality of mobile applications and web applications for enterprises all over the world. We have been in relationship with Apexon for maybe five years, maybe six years. I think it was one of the first relationships that we had with a service provider. We know everybody at Apexon for a while, from the CEO all the way to people who do the implementations around the world. There is a lot of trust between the two organizations. We like working with Apexon. We invite them to do the services in various implementations that we encounter, and in general, what can I say? It is a preferred partner for us. I think what is nice about Apexon is that it’s big enough to scale to almost any project, but it’s small enough to conduct itself as a small and agile company, and I think it presents a very, very nice advantage over the larger companies, the larger service providers out there. And, to be honest, I think that in many, many cases, this is the type of service or the type of interaction that enterprises will be looking for, and that, I think, makes Apexon stand out from the rest of the pack.