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Scale-up with Cloud-Native Apps

Leverage Apexon's microservices-based technology stack to trim the fat from your IT operations and move your applications to a faster, more agile, and lightweight cloud-native architecture.

Cloud-native Modernization

Simplify complex legacy systems with resilient and agile cloud-native applications that provide flexibility and scalability for your business. We do this by:
  • Containerizing the applications in the data center
  • Moving the compute power to the cloud
  • Using infrastructure as code to modernize applications
  • Optimizing your apps for cloud scaling and performance

Cloud-native Development

Improve your apps’ management and availability by automating the application life cycle from development to production in the cloud. Here's how we do it:
  • Microservices with Apexon curated accelerators using open-source tools to cover all technology bases from authentication to building pipelines
  • Services from Microsoft Azure such as Cache for Redis, Cosmos DB, and Kubernetes Service, and AWS such as Amazon CloudFront, AWS WAF, and AWS Shield
  • Serverless and agile architecture based on Microsoft Azure and AWS for seamless cloud computing

Cloud DevOps

Leverage rapid feedback for enhanced collaboration and continuous delivery with the power of our cloud DevOps. We do it by:
  • Continuous integration and deployment on cloud, backed by our capability to move ideas into production efficiently with 40% reduced time to market
  • Optimization of Microsoft Azure and AWS’s native DevOps features and tools like Kubernetes, Terraform, and Red Hat OpenShift for seamless orchestration
  • Supervision of cloud applications through continuous monitoring

Ongoing Maintenance

Streamline your applications and optimize your critical IT operations with our solutions that make the most of the cloud environment. We work by:
  • Taking care of continuous improvements in regular maintenance efforts
  • Reducing ongoing technical debt with future-ready architecture for changing business needs
  • Reducing support and infrastructure cost by up to 30% through automation

Faster Infrastructure, Flexible Delivery

Give your business the flexibility to independently change and scale using cloud-native applications. Made with microservices, serverless, and containerization frameworks, we equip your applications to be independently deployable and lightweight.



Apexon in Action

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