Month: May 2021

Continuous Testing: A Holistic Approach to QA

In the software world, continuous testing is the process of obtaining immediate feedback and the assessment of risks by executing automated tests on the software release candidates.

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Accelerating your Healthcare & Life Sciences Application Testing Cycles

Innovation and speed demanded in today’s “human-first digital experience” focused market has driven many organizations to adopt agile development.

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Apexon Strengthens Its Digital Experience

Apexon strengthens its Digital Experience capability with the acquisition of Adapty

Apexon, a leading digital solutions provider, today announced the acquisition of US-headquartered Adapty.

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3 Use cases of Image mining and Text mining in 2021

Text mining and image mining are fields that have progressed rapidly in the last few years. They also hold a lot of possibilities for real-world usage that could benefit the operations of organizations.

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