B.V. Jagadeesh
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B.V. Jagadeesh

Managing Partner, KAAJ Ventures
He has founded success stories such as Exodus Communications, NetScaler (Citrix), and 3Leaf Systems.

B.V. Jagadeesh is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur with a track record building and managing market leaders

Under his leadership, Exodus doubled revenue quarter-to-quarter to become one of the most highly valued venture-backed companies with over $2B in annual revenues and a market value of $30B. He was also instrumental in Exodus’ highly successful IPO.

Jagadeesh has been a Board Member/Investor for Ankeena Networks (acquired by Juniper), Ocarina Networks (acquired by Dell), and Netmagic Solutions. He served as a Group VP and GM of Citrix Systems’ Application Networking Group after the acquisition of NetScaler for $325M. He is now a Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures and his investments include Denali Systems, Woxi Media, ScaleArc and Rakya Technologies.

He has a BS in electrical engineering from Bangalore University and a MS in electrical engineering from University of Bombay, India.


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B.V. Jagadeesh
B.V. Jagadeesh
B.V. Jagadeesh

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