A Day in the Life of Nick Kelly, Salesforce Developer

A Day in the Life of Nick Kelly, Salesforce Developer

As a Salesforce Developer at Apexon, I work with business analysts and clients regarding unique business problems they experience and/or requirements to provide them with suitable solutions.

By implementing these solutions, I can ensure that each client successfully meets their ideal standard for their Salesforce community.

My Daily Schedule

I carry a broad range of responsibilities which includes using APEX programming language and lightning web components, a packaged JavaScript framework with HTML, and CSS to form declarative point and click development tools, such as flows, typical configuration of the application itself and administrative tasks.

My mornings usually consist of attending daily stand-ups regarding the project I am on with the Business Analyst, Technical Lead and Project Lead to go over the work we did the day before, what we are doing today and how we can resolve any blockers as a team.

My afternoons may include meetings with the client for discovery and demo sessions. I support any technical aspects of the meeting as well as run any demonstrations required for proof of concepts or implemented work.

The remaining time around these afternoon meetings will be assigned to my day-to-day project work and supporting any other colleagues with any queries or issues they may have from a technical perspective regarding Salesforce.

Favorite Part of the Job: Every Day Brings Something New

I love taking on new challenges daily. When a client comes to me with a business problem that requires technical solutions, I am given the chance to expand my own skill set simply by learning as I go.

I am constantly learning new things surrounding the Salesforce platform because it truly is such a large and vast platform that offers many different types of cloud applications, features and products. It is always evolving so there is never a shortage of things to learn, which has helped me become a better developer day by day.

The Apexon Difference – Prioritizing Your Needs

A typical developer role involves day in and day out coding, which may work for many people, but I personally enjoy having a more flexible work style.

In this role, not only will you be writing in the backend of the system but also the frontend as well as writing custom API for integration.

Not only do you build and utilize your core technical skills when building out complex solutions as a Salesforce Developer, but you will also be able to grow your soft skills. For example, you will effortlessly learn more about the consultant side by working with business analysts and clients regarding your proposed technical solutions.

My Biggest Tip for Getting Into This Role – Continuous Learning

Start by learning the fundamentals of Salesforce first. The platform has many different cloud products that offer a whole host of different features and functionalities that are out of the box.

A good place to start is by going to Salesforce MyTrailhead to create a free account and begin learning all the different features of the Salesforce platform from the administrative side to the development side. By doing this, you will be growing a portfolio on MyTrailhead of your achievements through hands-on practical challenges and question-based tasks.

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