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Apexon Partners with CloudBees – the Jenkins Company

Apexon Partners with CloudBees – the Jenkins Company

We’ve just signed a partnership deal with CloudBees, the company behind the ever-popular open-source CI/CD tool, Jenkins.   We were highlighted as one of the key new partners in this recent announcement from CloudBees.

We’ve been avid users of Jenkins for some time now and we have successfully set up many enterprises with custom integrations of Jenkins.   What this partnership does is put our direct relationship with the people behind Jenkins on a new level.

Jenkins is crucial

Let’s explain that by looking at the big picture.   Enterprises are under enormous pressure to deliver more apps more quickly.   As tempting as it may be to think that your enterprise is just one new tool away from being able to cope, the reality is not that simple.   There are a lot of cultural and technological changes that need to happen to make your enterprise into an app delivery machine.

One of these key changes – both cultural and technological – is to embrace Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.   And that takes us back to Jenkins — the dominant CI/CD tool.   In signing this partnership, our expertise with Jenkins has been recognized by the people best able to recognize it.   It is approval of the successes that we had with Jenkins across a number of enterprise implementations.

What does this mean for our customers?

It means that Apexon will be in an even stronger position to guide our customers’ CI/CD journey.   CloudBees will be actively recommending Apexon as a certified, reliable and expert partner for Jenkins implementations.

Just as importantly, our partnership with CloudBees gives Apexon insider status with Jenkins.   We will have access to Cloudbees’ roadmap for Jenkins and we can make recommendations to CloudBees’ R&D team on the Jenkins changes that we think will most benefit enterprise customers.

We will also be jointly showing the market what can be achieved with Jenkins.   We have developed a number of best practices from our extensive work with Jenkins and some of that work will be used publicly to help others as they begin or evolve their CI/CD strategy.

It is an exciting opportunity for both companies.   We’re both committed to helping companies become more agile and we’ve both helped some major brands in achieving that through CI/CD.   Read more about our Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery capabilities.

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