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Every Cloud Has an App Silver Lining

Every Cloud Has an App Silver Lining

Some things are just meant to go together. Batman and Robin, beer and football, Laurel and Hardy and so it goes with apps and the cloud. As we move more of our lives over to mobile, the ability to quickly access data and information will become crucial. To be truly mobile, data needs to be stored in the cloud, and to access this quickly you need a reliable and well-developed app.

With more mobile devices than people, it is clear that many of us have multiple devices. Along with the ubiquitous smartphone, many users have a tablet computer and soon a wearable device too. As a result, data and information needs to be accessible not only on these devices but also laptops and notebooks too. It is hardly surprising then that the cloud has grown so quickly.

However, having all this data on a device is only useful if it can be easily and quickly accessed. The answer to this problem has become the app. With a tailored user interface that is custom made to make it as easy as possible for a user to access the cloud, apps have come to dominate the mobile sector.

With the trend for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the need to be always on, apps and the cloud have become powerful combinations for businesses and users alike. But, despite their growth and rapid adoption, developing apps that seamlessly combine reliability, an easy to use interface and secure data is a challenge.

Development not only needs expertise and experience but also an understanding of front end and back end requirements too. This is especially true when it comes to security and privacy. Naturally, a lot of attention is often given to the front end of an app, as this is the part that a user interacts with and tends to be the focus of complaints. However, the back end is just as important. Working with development teams who both understand this and can deliver testing and QA at both ends is crucial.

A big help in this process is agile app development. By continuously testing through the development process and post launch, apps are created quicker and precisely meet the customer’s needs. Also, by including the business in the development process, app developers ensure they are informed throughout the whole procedure.

Apps and the cloud are a powerful partnership that shows no sign of letting up. With mobile adoption growing, the cloud needs to be integral to app development. Selecting a developer or developer team with experience in these areas is fundamental.

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