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Google I/O, WWDC and App Development

Google I/O, WWDC and App Development

It is that time of the year again. With Microsoft having just hosted Build, its developer conference, it is now the turn of the other two heavyweights: Google and Apple to take to the stage. Being annual events, it is easy to make a few early predictions about what to expected, namely iOS9 and Android M. In fact, thanks to a leak from Google itself we can be sure that the next installment of Android will be announced. But what do these announcements actually mean for app developers and the enterprises that they work with?

The first conference up will be Google I/O on Thursday (May 28th). Whatever Android M is finally called, we can be sure that it will add new features and likely further integration with Android Wear. For app developers, this is an interesting challenge. Android already presents a headache for app development with both the variety of devices and versions of Android making for a fractured ecosystem.

This is nothing new. In fact, Android fragmentation has been around for some time and for app developers like ourselves it presents some unique challenges. With more versions available, it is crucial to make sure that your mobile testing services are up to date and ready for the new software that is unveiled.

Android M is not the only announcement from I/O that app developers and enterprises will need to get ready for. Wearables are coming. Despite a slow start, with Google and now Apple entering the game, wearable technology is now serious business and app development needs to reflect this. Developing for Android Wear needs to consider both application development, testing and quality assurance (QA).

But let us not overlook Apple in this regard either. As with every WWDC, Apple will undoubtedly unveil a new iOS mobile operating platform. We are now up to its ninth generation and although rumors have suggested that it will focus more on stability than new features, it is nonetheless going to bring new challenges to app development. If you are in the process of developing a new enterprise app, then now is the time to make sure that your team of developers and testers are planning ahead for version updates.

Developer conferences have always been fun. In previous years they only made news in the small development communities, but now thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, they make international headlines. For app developers, the fact remains that new software platforms need to be adapted and planned for. Having been around before the iPhone was even launched we know how to adapt to the changes that new operating systems bring. Want to know more about what we can do to help develop your app?

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