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Lowdown – Mobile Application Quality Seminar in Santa Clara

Apexon and Perfecto by Perforce presented the mobile application quality seminar on Wednesday, March 27th. The event was a roaring success with more than 75 people attending. The audience was very QA centric from various big and small companies in the Bay Area Some of the names which come to mind are Cisco, eBay, Oracle, iSpace. Some of our customers like Proteus and others were also part of the event. Breakfast was a great time to network and get some questions answered.

The session began with a keynote by one of our customers, Brian Irvin, QA Director at Sabre Holdings. His session was focused around the explosion in the mobile industry and how Sabre has repositioned its strategy to take advantage of the mobile movement. He further talked about the importance of mobile testing and how Apexon played a critical part in helping them with that effort. The session was very informative.

This was followed by an Introduction to Apexon by Rutesh Shah, President and CEO of Apexon and a deep dive session on Mobile Test Automation by Manish Mathuria, CTO of Apexon. Manish talked about the state of the enterprise mobility market and the need for testing. He further talked about what kind of testing strategy is optimal.

This could be a combination of manual and automated testing. However the degree of automation may vary based on the specific needs of the business. He threw some light on some of the best practices to keep in mind while doing automation. Some of the issues he focused on – how to select devices and test cases while doing mobile automation, how to deal with scripting challenges and fragmentation, how to work with the test execution challenges.

Manish’s session was followed by an introduction to the state of mobile by Eran Yaniv, President and CEO of Perfecto by Perforce. He talked about creating systems of engagement with mobile and cited some good examples on how to do that. He talked about the downsides and risks enterprises get into when they don’t test their applications thoroughly. A brief introduction to the Perfecto by Perforce world and efficiencies a mobile cloud based testing can bring. His session was followed by a demo of the Perfecto by Perforce world with QTP and Perfecto’s native environment.

They went pretty high tech when they /mobile-testing/asked the audience to punch in the number shown on their demo instance through their phones and randomly selected one of the numbers and text them to do the giveaway. The giveaway was ….. a drone. Yes, that was pretty sleek.

This was followed by a good QA session with all these guys on the panel. Shane Evans from HP also joined them. Questions were mostly centered around Perfecto’s capability in creating public and private cloud instances, performance testing issues on their environment, integration capabilities with QTP and other tools, the future of test automation using cloud etc.

The show ended with a stay and play session, where engineers from both teams showed how the automation with QTP and Perfecto’s native environment worked.


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