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On the CES Ramp! What’s Cool and What’s Not

The CES frenzy is on

If you’re in the Vegas land and feel a bit overwhelmed with the device spread, you’re not alone. There are Ultra HD TVs, smartphones, tablets, smartphone cases, Bluetooth speaker systems, advanced gaming systems and accessories, 3D sensors showcasing their best. But they are a few that stood out. So if you’re shopping around for your next device… this might help.

In the smartphone category – Sony Xperia Z with a minimalist design and a powerful hardware could become a very powerful player in the Android market. Huawei’s 6.1 inch Ascend Mate was next with a gorgeous display. Vizio entered the smartphone market with its 5-inch and 4.7-inch Android phones. Both phones feature sleek designs, powerful internals, bright and colorful 720p displays.  Samsung’s curvy prototype made it to the charts with its 5-inch 720p OLED display.

In the tablet category – Razer’s gaming tablet topped the charts as the first time ever high-definition gaming performance is now available on a tablet. Panasonic’s 20-incher running on Windows 8 made it to the list with a stunning display and was named the coolest tablet of the show. Vizio also debuted Tegra 4 their first Windows 8 tablet with a 11.6inch display

Software is eating the world, is CES going to be another morsel?

No denying the hardware drama is interesting, but as Alan Light says more innovation happens at the software level. How much different are the newest iPads and iPhones from their previous versions? Ironically, the best story at CES was about AutoRip giving customers of Amazon CDs free digital copies of those tracks in their Amazon Cloud Player libraries – a direct assault on Apple’s iTunes.  So why is the 46-year old tradition going strong with more than 150k attendees and over 3k exhibitors? Is it time for CES to retire and make way to new waves of change?

Apple – MIA at CES but feeling the heat!

Apple was not at the show but that didn’t stop them from making the headlines as they venture out to create an affordable iPhone by end of this year.  This phone obviously is made with cheaper material to provide a price break? Apple clearly is feeling the heat from the Droid phones and wants to grab a piece of the pie that Android is biting into. So as Huawei, Sony, ZTE and other OEMs find their way into the Droid land, Apple buckles up

A disruptive mobile world!

Michael Arrington might have complained about his boredom with the state of the tech industry we get into 2013. But as Colin Gibbs says, this might be a transformative year for mobile with technologies like augmented reality, NFC, HTML5, disruptive business models and emergence of a  third major OS. Of course it would be nice, if we had CES focus on the software side, but hey, the Mobile World Congress is around the corner. Let’s look forward to it.

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