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Our First Quarter Events Calendar 2014

After an overwhelming response to 2013 events, we thought that it would be a great idea to post our events calendar to help you plan better. Below is the list of few key events that we’ll be a part of in this quarter. We are excitedly looking forward to presenting and showcasing at more events and conferences. And, for that be sure to check back in April for another list of events set to happen in the second quarter!

1.           Mobile World Congress

February 24-27th 2014

Barcelona, Spain

We’ll be attending this conference which is the blueprint for the NEXT big innovation. If you’re excited to see our next big innovation, you won’t want to miss it. Join us in Barcelona where we will be showcasing What’s NEXT.

2.           AGC Partners’ Tenth Annual West Coast Infosec & Technology Growth Conference

February 25th 2014

San Francisco, CA

Apexon is honored to be invited to present at the AGC Partners’ Conference that brings together over 300 of the leading public and private technology companies, top global private equity investors and leading tech buyers under one roof. This place is an ideal forum to see our company’s success and to know more about it and also meet with corporate development professionals from the large strategics.

3.        Kony World

March 04, 2014

Orlando, FL

We are excited to present Apexon as a mobile ALM company at the Kony World. Join us to know more about new services and solutions and what differentiates us from the rest. Learn about our new partnerships that we leverage to cater to different enterprise needs.




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