We help businesses re-think business processes, modernize customer engagement, and create entirely new revenue streams. Here’s how:

Our Methodology


Apexon has a proven approach for delivering the digital business outcomes you need, no matter where you are in your journey.

Digital Product Lifecycle Management Solution
1 Ideate

Create a roadmap for your digital journey

  • Define and refine your digital use cases.
  • Conduct impact analysis for culture, organization, and technology.
  • Define business and technology outcomes and KPIs.
2 Experiment

Test ideas to fail and learn fast

  • Design for use case applications including process and UI/UX.
  • Align existing processes and technologies.
  • Develop Proofs of Concept.
3 Automate

Put infrastructure and best practices in place to scale digital initiative

  • Deploy solution in production, leveraging Cloud and DevOps to automate wherever possible.
  • Use digital accelerators, domain knowledge and Agile PODS to deploy quickly and successfully.
4 Accelerate

Continue to scale your digital solution

  • Deliver defined use case applications leveraging Agile and Continuous Development.
5 Evolve

Continue to improve and accelerate time to market

  • Leverage ongoing software lifecycle data and intelligence to improve existing processes.
  • Refine business and technology KPIs.
Our expertise

End-to-End Digital Capabilities

Apexon has expertise in all aspects of digital engineering – from strategy and UX to analytics, DevOps, and infrastructure. We combine these different skills to help businesses solve their toughest technology challenges and achieve their digital goals.

Digital strategy

Apexon can help define your digital business goals, scope your project, create a blueprint, and put a plan in place for fast and flexible experimentation. See how we helped LowerScript define and deploy a new full-featured mobile app to market in just five weeks.

Creative & ui/ux
& ui/ux

Success in digital requires adaptive and intelligent interfaces, interactive experiences, and UI automation. Apexon offers a full suite of UI and UX design services across the entire spectrum of digital ranging from strategy, design, deployment, testing and support. Apexon recently helped a bioelectronic medical technology company its solution to life by providing complete product development including UI/UX designs.

Digital Engineering

Apexon specializes in the innovative application of mobile, IoT, voice and other digital technologies to enhance customer engagement. See how we helped Navigating Cancer accelerate the development of new digital services and improve the patient experience with scalable, cloud-native solutions on its digital health platform.

data analytics

We offer end-to-end data analytics services including data science, analytics, aggregation, consumption, ETL, cloud Ops and more across all stages of data management. ​Apexon created an AWS-based data warehouse and data lake to support analytical reporting requirements through the warehouse for claims data for RxSense.​


Success in digital is entirely dependent on an outstanding user experience and reliable performance. Apexon offers comprehensive Quality Engineering services including end-to-end digital assurance services, advanced testing, and AI-enabled test automation. We delivered comprehensive quality engineering services for this cosmetic company’s new e-commerce platform across 30+ countries on both mobile and web.

cloud engineering

Cloud is core tenet of almost all digital initiatives and Apexon offers comprehensive capabilities for cloud migration, microservices migration, service discovery, and public/private optimization. Westhill partnered with Apexon to build a disruptive, first-to-market, cloud-based solution that connected insurance carriers, contractors, and policyholders to a single platform via mobile and web channels.


Digital is all about speed and agility and Apexon offers continuous delivery/integration as a core part of Agile and DevOps for faster, delivery with less risk. For this leading US bank, Apexon modernized its dev/test infrastructure to support the DevOps model. It included Continuous-Delivery-as-a-Service (CDaaS) and pipeline analysis/design architecture.

Tech Infrastructure

Digital foundation, architecture, Agile processes, and security for high performance, scalability and agility are all required for digital success. For Wirecard, Apexon built a scalable architecture​ which allowed subscribers to use various wearable bands (simple as well as smart bands) to make payments.​ Apexon also designed the architecture of the ecosystem – Android App, Mobile Web, and the Admin Portal​.

Salesforce represents industry best practice for managing relationships and streamlining business processes to improve your customer’s experience at every point of interaction. Apexon, implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud at Coles Energy to provide a connected view of data across the entire customer journey.


Technology Accelerators

Apexon has invested in unique platforms, solutions and frameworks to accelerate the delivery of digital services such as data engineering, continuous delivery, quality engineering, and intelligent testing.

Some of these innovations support the next evolution of our core horizontal services. Others target the specific needs of customers in our core verticals. All of them are designed to help our customers move their digital initiatives faster, while reducing risk. Below are three examples.

cloud-based solution

Remote Device Management Platform (RDMP)

A cloud-based solution that aligns remote monitoring, management, and data analysis in a single platform. RDMP can collect, process, analyze and visualize data from Edge Devices, Hub and Companion Applications along with managing those devices from an Admin Console to provide actionable insights into user and IoT device behavior, ensuring optimal usability, performance, and security via remote management updates.

Healthcare Data Analytics solution

Healthcare Data Analytics Platform (HDAP)

Built on AWS managed components, enables healthcare companies to move quickly to centralize, utilize and monetize their data. HDAP acts as a data accelerator — enabling users to harness healthcare data assets more effectively for diagnostic, exploratory, predictive, and prescriptive needs.

Quality assurance in software testing

Intelligent Testing

Apexon combines its QA and test expertise with AI-powered IP to streamline the QE process and drive big improvements in test coverage, quality, user experience, cycle time and cost. We have over a decade of success in Digital Testing. We combine deep expertise, the latest tools on the market, Internal IP, and AI-based technologies to optimize every aspect of your testing lifecycle.

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