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Develop websites with a superior user experience built into the core, so you can engage your audience and improve brand loyalty.

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Delivering enhanced user experiences

Apexon aims to help you deliver the best user experience using the latest technological advances and innovations on the Salesforce platform. Improve productivity and optimize your business operations with Salesforce UX. Take a look at the services we provide:

Front End Architecture and Design

Upgrade your application's code quality to create a productive, sustainable, and scalable workflow, with the help of Salesforce best practices and tools. Revamp the traditional platform for a more progressive, faster, and responsive application.

User-centric UX Development

Design an intuitive and easy-to-use workflow to support your business processes and problem-solving with a user-centric design approach. Apexon has exactly the experience and expertise you need to provide a more efficient user experience as well as a competitive edge over other organizations in the market

Customized Migration to Responsive Site

Design websites that can look good on any device and enhance the interactive user experience. Apexon can provide you with a responsive design that improves app maintenance and reliability with ease and elegance.

Mobile App Development

Transform every part of your business with mobile apps. Engage with customers, manage your business with ease. Apexon’s Salesforce mobile app development has the potential to develop, build, and launch mobile apps that are customized to your business requirements with the help of open APIs, legacy integration, and more tools.

Performance-driven UX Tuning

Build powerful apps that bring user productivity to new heights. Apexon focuses on end-to-end user experience and enhances performance while keeping your business goals in mind.

Pixel Perfect Audits and Testing

Apexon ensures your organization is secure from any potential or real security issues with the help of Salesforce auditing features. Salesforce has many auditing, testing, and monitoring tools that keep your business secure, operational, and efficient.

How we help you deliver enhanced user experience

Delivering end-to-end solutions to help you create highly engaging customer interactions.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helped create business-specific solutions that helped companies improve the quality of interaction with their customers and deliver improved services via apps and websites designed for enhanced user experience.

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Reduced maintenance costs for a leading home improvement provider

Explore how Apexon provided better CX for surveys and reduced maintenance costs, while also enabling connectivity support for remote areas for a leading home improvement provider.

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Improved customer satisfaction for a large UAE-based conglomerate

Discover how Apexon created a unique time-dial feature, improved UI customization, and took a mobile-first approach to create a bespoke design for a large UAE-based conglomerate. This change paved the way for increasing the scalability of the platform and improving customer satisfaction.

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Improved services for customers of a major UAE Bank

Discover how Apexon improved the NPS and customer loyalty of a major UAE bank that helped them exceed its KPIs, launch a multitude of new applications, and give their customers better control of their banking activities.

Engaging users, enhancing experiences

Custom-made user-first digital interfaces can deliver unparalleled user experiences enabling companies to engage efficiently with their customers. Apexon helps you build value for your company by delivering enhanced experiences for your users with each interaction.


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