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Image and Video Analytics Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Image and Video Analytics led Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

As businesses transition from the effects of the pandemic to the new normal, Enterprises are looking for AI based automation & ways to improve efficiency and reliability of their manufacturing processes.

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Reimagining HR with Chatbots and Analytics

In its AI at Work 2019 study, Oracle reported that 64% of people trusted robots more than their managers – a testimony to how AI is transforming the relationship between technology and people at work.

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5 Predictions for AI in the Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled a new surge of applications across industries like healthcare, insurance, logistics, and retail. But its impact has completely changed manufacturing as we knew it.

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Continuous Testing: A Holistic Approach to QA

In the software world, continuous testing is the process of obtaining immediate feedback and the assessment of risks by executing automated tests on the software release candidates.

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5 Essential Data Engineering Trends for 2021 and beyond.

Data has been in the driver seat of businesses in the present business landscape. Once gathered, data is analyzed and studied to make meaningful decisions by companies around the world.

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