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Master Data Management & Data Governance

Create a strong master data management and governance system to organize, categorize, and localize your master data and derive contextual business insights with centralized data integration.

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Drive your organization with the right data

Get quick access to reliable and usable data with high accuracy and consistency using Apexon's Master Data Management and Data Governance solution. Manage your data efficiently to lower your costs, derive actionable insights, and drive value at an accelerated pace.

Master Data Management

Our MDM implementation helps you to organize, categorize, and localize the master data based on sales, marketing, and strategic operational needs. Our solutions help with:  
  • Elimination of cost inefficiencies caused by data silos as well as unreadable and inaccessible stored data through data integration
  • Business support via streamlining of data and access
  • Smart management of crucial and redundant data for operational and customer support benefits

Data Governance

Strong data governance drives consistency and accuracy of data. It helps you make smart choices with data, reduce wastage of space, and save costs to drive distinct business advantages. Our solutions enable:  
  • Central data governance – Creation, maintenance, and management of master data in a centralized source across heterogeneous systems
  • Mass processing of data – Performing bulk changes of business partner, customer, supplier, or product data
  • Data quality management - Defining, validating, and monitoring business rules to safeguard master data readiness and useability
  • Process analytics – Measuring and monitoring data governance processes

Solution Accelerators

Apexon's proprietary accelerators augment the MDM and Governance solutions offered with cutting-edge technology to drive value to your business. Our solutions enable:  
  • Elimination of data redundancy
  • Smart and Quick Master Data Edits
  • Effective Data Analysis
  • Storage optimization
  • Data Consistency
  • Intelligent authentication and data access

MDM and Data Governance for expert decisions

We help you create a foundation for trustworthy and secure data insights with a highly-scalable system capable of storing, processing, and delivering insights from high-volume data streams.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps businesses leverage the power of data with customized and streamlined data management and governance solutions that save cost and provide highly accurate and usable data for informed decision-making.

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Improving sales management for retail chains

Discover how we helped a large US-based retail chain improve their sales management by collating and analyzing data from disparate sources, helping them gain accurate insights consistently. Our solutions helped aggregate CRM, Sales and ERP data, analyze it and built projections for sales, demography, and channels to improve business-critical decisions at each stage.

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Enabling performance analysis and standardization for agencies

Explore how we helped a global transportation and shipping company measure and standardize country-level agency performances by enabling centralized data ingestion, integration, quality check, and analysis using customized data management and governance solutions.

Better data, better decisions

Enhance the speed and performance of your data and kickstart your business growth with Apexon's unique accelerators such as Hadoop Data Services that provides up to 40% savings, Data Quality accelerators that generate statistical summary reports to assess the state of your data, and Data Masking accelerators can encrypt/decrypt at attribute or file level and manage test data/fake data.


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