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Anomaly Detection

Timely detection of business-specific anomalies to help you curb issues before they flare-up.

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Detect every anomaly to ensure optimal performance

Apexon’s Anomaly Detection offering is one of a kind in that it is not based on a single or dual model but provides the flexibility to add any number of models. Businesses can add unlimited rules on top of the models to accurately capture outliers with business relevance.

Micro Segment classifier framework

In an industry first, Apexon’s anomaly detection capabilities allow businesses to develop multiple models, evaluate the same for multiple segments and select the best combination and also incorporate tribal knowledge by allowing the framework to incorporate business-specific rules. Organizations need no longer restrict themselves to just one model; we give them the option to work with as many models as they want. We help you with:  
  • Supervised anomaly detection using imbalanced supervised data
  • Rule-based anomaly detection that segregates edge cases based on business rules
  • Time series anomaly detection includes a time component along with the data.
  • Unsupervised anomaly detection where there is no target
  • Data connectivity from flat files and databases
  • Up-sampling or down-sampling the dataset for a more balanced class

EdgeDetect – Apexon Anomaly detection Engine

Our EdgeDetect Platform detects unusual events that are suspicious due to huge deviations from regular patterns. The ML-powered platform allows businesses to track critical KPIs and ensure timely data-driven intervention. Here is what it offers:  
  • Faster Detection – This allows for much faster development of anomaly detection with no need for any coding. Zero Code required to build the anomaly detection framework, custom made for the business
  • Identifying best models – Provides hyperparameter optimization that helps identify the best possible ML models
  • Continuous Model Surveillance – Built-in alerting system that monitors model decay and health status

Customizable ML-based Anomaly Detection

The Anomaly Detection is done using a 5-step approach



Apexon in Action

Read more about how we help businesses identify critical anomalies and prevent issues from snowballing.

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Asset Management Company Analyzes Churn to Retain 50% of Passive Customers

Discover how we helped an asset management company analyzes its high churn rate to identify opportunities for customer retention and improve CSAT.

Use case image

Claim Error Prediction for a Healthcare Payer Through a 360° View of the Customer

Find out how we helped a major healthcare payer leverage our proprietary solution ApexClaims to create focused samples for audit to improve financial accuracy by 99.7% and generate savings worth $1.5M per annum as overpayment avoidance.

Highlight business-specific outliers

EdgeDetect, our anomaly detection platform, can be used for fraud identification, preventive maintenance, CX monitoring, flagging warranty claims, KPI monitoring, loan defaults, customer churn prediction, and traffic monitoring on websites or bots.


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