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Holistic Validation of Your Solutions

Prioritize quality while adhering to time-sensitive market needs with Apexon’s cloud-based testing automation suite, comprising proven accelerators and cutting-edge testing tools.

Test Automation

In enterprise applications with a heterogeneous application stack involving multiple technologies to test, it is imperative that the automation solution and framework address the challenge of automating diverse applications. Moreover, the test strategy needs to be robust so as to carry out testing on multiple platforms such as browsers and testing with different test data combinations with minimal maintenance. Apexon's Test Automation solution spans both licensed and open source tools with the following solution tenets:   
  • Contribution to test automation by both experts and non-developers
  • Faster realization of automation ROI due to reduced automation development time
  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Test Automation Support for multiple platforms

API Testing

With the adoption of a Shift Left methodology in testing, there is a greater emphasis on carrying out testing of APIs and web services. Moreover, unlike GUI, which is subject to frequent change, API changes occur less frequently. Apexon's approach to API testing involves reviewing the API specifications, test specification development, test framework development, test case execution, and reporting. Apexon's offering in API testing includes:  
  • Testing of SOAP and Restful APIs
  • Integration of API tests in end-to-end tests 
  • API testing for functional and non-functional aspects

Performance and Load Testing

Apexon works with clients to overcome performance testing challenges and deliver future-proof systems in emerging technologies with high responsiveness, reliability, scalability, and resilience. Our approach to performance testing involves developing a customized, robust strategy which involves understanding the application/product usage from both business and technical perspective, developing workloads to simulate load behavior using a variety of open source and licensed tools like Jmeter, Tricentis Flood, Load Runner, analyzing the performance response across multiple parameters (response time, memory leaks, peak load, resource utilization, etc.) and ensuring that the reported issues are addressed appropriately. Apexon's offering in performance testing includes:  
  • Peak Load Testing, where we test the behavior of your solution under varying loads to detect system bottlenecks and determine which element is causing them. The maximum number of peak users that the system can support is determined
  • Stress and Endurance Testing to determine the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load, and also to validate behavior if the system capacity is exceeded
  • Scalability and High Availability Testing to validate the ability of the system to scale up. The proper functioning of the backup servers when existing servers crash and the load balancing abilities of the system are determined in these tests

Omnichannel Testing

Omnichannel Testing revolves around testing an application or product across various devices and platforms. The aim is to ensure that the user experience is seamless and consistent across all the platforms, including customer experience, personalization, and transaction completion for the end-users. Apexon's approach to omnichannel testing involves carrying out testing across the identified platforms and devices on which the client’s solutions are accessed by end-users for functionality, compatibility, and usability aspects. Apexon's offering in omnichannel testing includes:  
  • Omnichannel Functional Testing that tests the functionality of each part of your solution across multiple viable channels (desktop, mobile, and tablets). It includes testing the features of the application, seamless navigation between different channels, and testing error conditions to ensure appropriate error message are displayed
  • Omnichannel Compatibility Testing which is concerned with whether the application can run smoothly across different hardware and software combinations. Apexon has tied up with a cloud service provider to ensure that multiple browsers and mobile combinations can be tested comprehensively
  • Omnichannel Usability Testing which revolves around testing how easily end-users can use the system. The testing provides insights into how real end-users interact with the application across different aspects

Data Integrity Testing

Data integrity can be compromised at all DWH/BI phases - when data is created, integrated, moved, or transformed. However, testing of data warehouses is usually deferred until late in the cycle resulting in challenges in resolving the issues. Apexon's solution for automated Data Integrity Testing involves:   
  • Pre-Screening Tests to verify whether your files contain the expected data
  • Vital Checks and Field Tests to ensure the integrity of your data as well as the completeness, correctness of tables and fields
  • Metadata checks, validate mapping, validate constraints, data consistency, data completeness, data transformation, data quality checks (null checks and date check), validating keys, and aggregated values
  • Reconciliation Tests that compare two data sets from two different systems, comparing staging and DW tables, record count
  • Report Testing to check the presentation and content of reports, report data, report layout, drilling, sorting

Service Virtualization

Service virtualization is a simulation technology that lets you automatically execute tests even when the Application Under Test’s dependent system components cannot be properly accessed or configured for testing. Apexon's service virtualization solutions and offerings involve:   
  • Simulating the dependent component behavior that is required to execute tests
  • Automated Message Validation
  • Carrying out Service Virtualization with multiple data sets

Accelerated Products, Assured Quality

Explore how Apexon accelerates testing and QA cycles with our proprietary FEAT Selenium Automation Framework, which reduces manual testing effort by up to 60% and automated development time by up to 40%, thereby leading to faster realization of ROI.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises digitally transform their testing practices.


US Multinational Leverages Automation to Speed up Test Cycles by 60%

Learn how we helped an American multinational use an open-source test automation framework to achieve 60% faster test execution cycles and 30-35% cost savings


Non-profit Healthcare Organization Reduces TAT by 30%

Discover how we helped a Michigan-based non-profit organization make their 4.3 million members happy by rolling out healthcare plans 25-30% faster.


Insights That Drive Real Results

The Best of Testing in One Framework

Built on open-source libraries with an intuitive, user-friendly interface for creating and executing test suites, Apexon’s FEAT Selenium Automation Framework can reduce manual testing effort by up to 60% and automated development time by up to 40%, thereby maximizing your ROI


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